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  • This was the general reaction to the "Misato Takes Shinji to NERV" scene.
  • Shamshel V. Evangelion 01. WITH AN OVERSIZED MINIGUN. And they do it RIGHT this time around.
  • Chapter Eight. Gendo shows us how to play the Magnificent Bastard card and do it right. David would be proud.
    Misato kept her hands over her face, masking a knowing grin. Professor Ikari, you Magnificent Bastard!
    • And then, to complete it, the following chapter has Gendo reveal he was the one who leaked the data that made the development of Jet Alone possible and convince the creator of Jet Alone to join his side.
  • During the Adam Cultist's assault on Tokyo-3 and Geofront, a Nephilim decided to target the pilot's school. Mayumi tried to hold him back, but was being decisively beatne, when the Nephilim was suddenly struck by a large explosion. Then we see Demo and Soldier, side by side, with weapons at the ready, the Nephilim retaliated and prepared its AT-Field...just in time to block Sniper's shot. When he tries to retaliate, the ENTIRE team surrounds him and peppered him with everything they got, from napalm, minigun, to even sentry gun fires. You do NOT mess with the Team, even if you are a genetically engineered super soldier.
    • Even then, the Nephilim still hold his AT-Field against the barrage, when Mayumi shattered it, beat him into a pulp, and throwed him right in front of the Team, who proceeded to be unleashed everything they got on him, non stop, for thirty seconds. When they're finished, the Nephilim has been reduced,in the author's own writing, a smoking, smoldering, barely recognizable carcass.
  • Chapter 27: Shinji's escape from Leliel's prison, with Unit-01 having achieved infinite power by eating Leliel's S2 engine. His ensuing beatdown of Bardiel is glorious.
  • The final battle. All of humanity, Pen-Pen and Tabris condensed into Evangelion Prime versus ADAM, in a fight that starts as fairly normal super robot fare, then goes full Gurren Lagann.

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