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  • Gendo. As The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. That is all.
  • Every single NERV advertisement video.
  • Asuka the Cloud Cuckoo Lander.
    • A moment above them all: when she caught Toji and Kensuke selling pictures of hers, thanks to her father's advice she identified them as perverts and beat them up Super Sentai-style, then saw a picture that was actually tasteful and bought it.
  • When Mari makes friend with Toji and Hikari's little sisters, the narration has only one thing to say:
    And lo, a terror greater than the Angels was born.
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  • How did Gendo relieved the stress of dealing with SEELE? By creating a clay model of each members of SEELE, and destroy them in the most painful ways possible, such as dropping an anvil on them,smashing them with a hammer, and so forth.
  • Aoba is the saxophonist in a jazz band composed by sentient apes that preferred to stick with her instead of joining their brethens in the Congolese Federation.
  • After a fierce battle, Israfel is overwhelmed by the Evangelions and Jet Alone, and beaten back in a single body. The defenders of mankind have it dead to rights... At which point Israfel runs away. It's the sheer incredulity of everyone's reaction that sells it.
    Shinji: "...what?"
    Mayumi: "...well, this is new."
    Miyata: "...the Seventh Angel is retreating?"
    Misato: "Damn it! We had that thing dead to rights! Who gave them permission to run away?!"
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  • Pen-Pen and one of Ritsuko's cats piloting Gundams.
  • Ritsuko as a Mad Scientist, every single time. One highlight is when she had a flashback where she gave Randall a mechanical body with huge metal tentacles, and Randall immediately used it to throw around a hapless fellow researcher, while Ritsuko screamed "YES! SHAKE IT! SHAKE IT LIKE A 7.0 ON THE RICHTER SCALE! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAA!!!"
  • Gendo "taking revenge" on SEELE at the third chapter.
  • After Humanity returns from Instrumentality and defeats Adam once and for all, the four Eva pilots stood in what was once Tokyo-3. Rei, Shinji, and Kaworu make their way to meet someone, with a seemingly unconscious Asuka being carried by Kaworu. Later, Shinji noticed that Asuka is in fact not unconscious, and is pretending to be unconscious so Kaworu would carry her. Asuka then threaten Shinji to keep quiet, and continue her charade.
    • Best part is, Kaworu is implied to be perfectly aware than Asuka is merely pretending to be unconscious, and is just playing along.


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