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Heartwarming / Mobile Fighter Evangelion

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  • Hologram Gendo, asking Shinji to thank his Aunt and Uncle for raising Shinji.
  • Yui is able to communicate with Shinji somewhat, this aspect is established in Chapter 2, when she goes Declaration of Protection during the fight. Also a Moment of Awesome.
  • Gendo and Shinji hugging each other in Chapter 3. All together now: Awwww!
  • Shinji's explaining his reasoning for holding back against Rei in their match. She might want to view him as the enemy, but he doesn't want to.
    • Gendo pulling a minor Big Damn Heroes moment, ending the training session and bringing Shinji with him.
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  • Like in canon, Misato always cares about Shinji.
  • After the fight with Ramiel, Shinji found Rei sitting beside him in the hospital. Rei, rather awkwardly, attempt to apologize for assuming he was dead beforehand. Shinji found this to be humorous, which puzzled Rei. Shinji then asked Rei to smile, and she,after some effort, managed to smile. this caused Shinji to blush and called her cute just before he fell asleep again.
    • After Leliel was defeated, this time Rei was the one who was unconscious, while Shinji sat beside her. The two of them talked about Rei's Super Mode, while also discussing the events that transpired before hand. Rei commends Shinji on his character strength, and Shinji unknowingly called Rei with -chan honorific. Initially, Shinji was horrified, and attempt to retract his statement, but Rei reciprocates by calling him with -kun honorific, starting her defrosting phase and her eventual closeness to Shinji.
  • During the final battle, Kaworu entered Unit-002, who was inactive due to Asuka being absorbed into it because of her actions in trying to stop him, to help Shinji and Rei fight off the Mass Production Evas. At the same time, he was afraid that Asuka would reject him from the Eva. As he began his confession, he felt a reaction from the Eva. But when he asked it to aid him, the Eva was unresponsive. Dejected, he accepts the futility of fighting, when suddenly:
    Asuka: "What are you, stupid?!"
    • She then proceeded to playfully berate him for thinking she would never forgive him. And when he still show traces of guilt, she hugged and reassures him that they would have no problem synchronizing with each other. And with that, Kaworu thanked her, triggering another playful insult from her. Then Unit-002's eyes began to glow....

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