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YMMV / Mobile Fighter Evangelion

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  • Awesome Music: A Cruel Angel´s Thesis is very well used on the story! And so is Komm, susser todd...
  • Better Than Canon: Some readers love this version of the Evangelion story, thanks to being less darker, or rather, having a much more happy tone.
  • Crazy Awesome: As shown by his NERV propaganda videos and speeches, this Gendo has a penchant for doing something completely bonkers, which embarrasses Shinji to no end.
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  • Doorstopper: Surprisingly, it is one of the longest EVA fanfics around.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: GENDO is this in spades. Mari Langley Soryu, the Angels, and Mana Kirishima too are fan favorites. Pieter Langley too is very well liked thanks to him being an Action Dad, and an amazing character.


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