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  • Pretty much all of Chapter 3. Some of the highlights include: Char's Lieutenant hitting on a crossdressing Hayato, Char's date proposing a threesome to Sayla, (followed by just hitting on her when she declines) and Ramba Ral giving Frau Bow a bag of weed.
  • This scene from chapter 2:
    (Amuro is thrown into a detention cell, heavily bruised)
    Ryu: Jesus Amuro, what happened?
    Kai: Knowing him, he probably tried to be a smartass to the Warden and got his ass handed to him.
    Bright: Did he try to beat anything out of you?
    Amuro: First off Kai, go fuck yourself. Second off, no Bright, Wakkein didn't try to beat anything out of me. He did this when he came back after talking to the Captain.
    Bright: What did you do?
    Amuro: (grins) His assistant.
    Bright: ...well. That's two beers I owe you.
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  • This:
    Bright: Did the carpet match the drapes on Takizawa?
    Amuro: I couldn't tell - there was no carpet.
    Bright: Nice.
  • Generally speaking, everything that the Crew of the White Base does when they're not being Awesome can be considered this.

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