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Funny / Monster In The Twilight

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  • Facing Nightmare Moon at the castle, Sweetie Belle yells a Scootaloo to "get the book" (ie. the Elements of Harmony Reference Guide), clearly intending to use it to figure out the Elements. Scootaloo grabs the book and, completely misunderstanding what Sweetie intends to use the book for, instead throws it at Nightmare Moon.
  • Nightmare is unable to force the Elements to obey her, so she throws them out in rage. After some monologuing and scheming, they promptly fly back in through the window and smack her in rapid succession, ending with Laughter giving her a special rebound smack in the helmet, before all return to their pedestals.
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  • Big Mac's increasingly stressed reactions to Monster's "gifts", ending with just shouting for AJ to get him a shovel.
  • A lot of the author's almost whimsical narrative qualifies, particularly the little footnotes that add sarcastic or comically serious flavor.
  • Whenever a ferocious predator, and at one time even an Eldritch Abomination, promptly ceases with any plan to make the CMC into their food, because they happen to be accompanied by Monster, and they very much appreciate not being a smear on the ground.
  • Everyone wants Big Mac, even the princesses.
  • Monster's obsession with sex as a topic in the sequel.
    • Her reaction to coffee is also funny; she complains that it tries to eat her teeth.


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