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Awesome / Mobile Suit Gundam Gran Tomino

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  • As a rule, everything that the cast does when they're not being hilarious is this.
  • Chapter 8 ('Adzam Chek'). All of it. Kycilia Zabi and over half of the Odessa Garrison (over a hundred mobile suits and mobile armors) vs the White Base and the Kojima Battalion. The Chapter is subtitled: "55 pages of Zeon getting its Shit RUINED." Some highlights include:
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  • During an attempt by Amuro, Hayato, and Frau to rob some of the Zeon Higher Ups, one of them tries to pull a gun. Hayato steals it, shoots another out of its owner's hand, Frau catches it, and both produce their own guns as well just for good measure. One Zeon officer admits that it was pretty much this trope.
  • Char's one-man battle against the White Base in a mobile suit that he convinced Tem Ray to build for him named the Humbler.
    • Frau gets one of her own—when Char attempts to destroy her Core Fighter with a beam saber, she immediately deploys four of her own.
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