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  • Princess Ceymi, who takes the form of Deputy Greenapple, infiltrates the Appleloosa Sheriff's Office, convinces Appletree, the real Sheriff, to turn over Thermal Soar to her, then takes his form and accompanies Falcon Punch, the courier, back toward Canterlot. Over the Everfree, she kills Falcon Punch, takes his package, dives through a thunderstorm to confirm the kill, dodges a manticore, and then flies a long way home to the Hive. Once there, she has her sanity temporarily broken by Queen Chrysalis killing her friend Thermal Soar, but manages to conceal this from the Queen's Stare by assuming her REAL IDENTITY as a Mask. After a meal Ceymi goes off a few miles, reintegrates her Mind-Split self, and then heads right back to the Hive as if nothing has happen. She does this all within less than 24 hours. It scars her permanently, but most beings would have been killed or driven permanently mad by this sort of experience.
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  • The way in which the 9-year-old Cheerilee takes charge when her mother collapses (both figuratively and literally). Also counts as a Tearjerker, because she is embarking upon a path of taking responsibility for others that we know will lead her to deny her own needs to the point where — when we meet her in the TV series — she is lonely and essentially lives only for the children she teaches. This, too, is part of the Collateral Damage of Queen Chrysalis' covert war.
  • In his usual quiet way, Macintosh Apple's rescues first of the 3-year-old Berryshine and then her 9-year-old elder sister Cheerilee, who was looking for her little sister. In context: this is in the outskirts of the Everfree Forest, and Mac is only 7 years of age at the time.

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