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Mini's Shorts:

  • Mini and Utsuho's battle against Shino in Wound of the Past, Part 2, culminating in Shino copying Utsuho's nuclear abilities, Utsuho blocking with the same attack, and Mini Master Sparking Shino into space.

Wiccan & Swordsgirl:

  • Magical Performance by Ichigo "Nightmare" Hirai in Scarlet Devil Mansion which is darker than what she usually does monthly in Human Village. Many people includes Marisa, Sakuya and even Remilia herself are impressed by her performance.
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  • Lord Tenma. Her presence is enough to drive the enemies away.
  • Yuugi Hoshiguma taking on enemies bigger than her.
  • Megumi's fight against Remilia Scarlet in Mini's shorts and W&S. The former fight ended in Remilia's victory and the latter ended in Megumi's victory. Neither delivered the finishing blow, though.
    • Even better, Megumi teamed up with Remilia and Akira from outside world against Kagami.
  • Hiraku's (real name Ichiro) fight against Ichigo/Nightmare in W&S. Again, their fight here is more serious and the stakes are much bigger than in Mini's shorts.
  • Although somewhat a "villain", M (Mio Izumi) takes on both Momiji and Hiraku without suffering any significant wound while manage to injure both her opponents.
  • Hiraku escaping his village by outsmarting Tengu search squad and the whole Izumi clan, including his sisters. If Hiraku's words is taken into account, he travelled around Nipponnote  by himself for around 200 years without getting caught and managed to reach sister Tengu Village led by Tenma before The Great Hakurei Barrier existed.

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