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Awesome / Me, Myself & Irene

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  • Hank's first appearance is a Laser-Guided Karma Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the most recent people to be Jerkasses to Charlie. While his later antics push the line, it's hard not to cheer for him.
    Hank: (pulls girl's head out of the park fountain) Still wanna skip rope in the street?
    Girl: I'm gonna tell my daddy on you, Charlie!
    Hank: Wrong answer. And the name's Hank, fuckface. (*dunks her back in the fountain*)
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  • After calling in a fake report to get the heat off of Charlie, his sons tie up their police escort and head off. He makes a big mistake by threatening to beat Charlie. Cue them giving him a well-deserved ass shove. With a chicken.note 
  • As Hank holds Charlie's leg still to keep him from pursuing Dickie, Charlie stands up to him and demands they keep going. This leads to Charlie having an epiphany moment where he finds his courage and performs a Split-Personality Takeover to nullify Hank.
    Charlie: This is my body! Do you understand that? I'm calling the shots from now on, Hank. I don't need you to fight my battles for me. If you can back down from something this important, you're nothing at all. You're nothing at aaaaall! (Charlie's leg collapses, signifying Hank's defeat.)


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