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Trivia / Me, Myself & Irene

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  • California Doubling: Averted: The movie actually was shot in Rhode Island and Vermont. The directors, Peter and Bobby Farrelly, are from Rhode Island.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • A Scene of the Colonel talking to Charlie/Hank who is taking a dump on his neighbor's lawn where Charlie/Hank also gives his opinion on an article in the newspaper, and it's being witnessed by Jamaal, Lee Harvey and Shonte Jr.
    • Charlie and Irene meet up with the owner of the cow they had tried to kill.
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    • While Irene is being interrogated, Charlie goes into his hotel room and takes out a watermelon and a photo of Irene and gets an idea; soon before Charlie and Irene leave the hotel room, a watermelon with a hole in it rolls out from under the bed.
    • A comical sex scene.
    • In the car, Irene hangs a mirror on the rear-view mirror, the sun shines through it and onto Whitey's hat, causing it to catch fire. They throw it into the back of the handicapped guy's car.
    • An extended 'butt chin' scene.
    • When Whitey and Charlie are in bed, and Whitey reveals he killed his parents, there was a deleted scene when Charlie gets up and the covers move away, a butcher knife can be seen in Whitey's hand. The real version cuts away before the covers reveal the knife.
    • After Irene and Hank pushed the car off the cliff and into the water, Hank notices his wallet is missing so he dives into the water to get it back and finds out that he, like Charlie, cannot swim.
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  • In Memoriam: The film was dedicated to Gene Siskel.
  • No Stunt Double: The scene where Renée Zellweger kicks Jim Carrey over the railing and down the hill was done by Jim Carrey himself (instead of a stunt double) after many pleadings. He did a few takes but they used the first one. A mattress was used for him to pop back into frame.
  • Orphaned Reference: At one scene in the motel, a smashed watermelon is visible by the bed with no explanation as to why or how it got there. This is because the scene involving the watermelon gag was cut, but the smashed watermelon is still in the shot. The gag was going to be that he was having sex with the watermelon. But shortly before its release, American Pie came out and it no longer seemed appropriate due to using the same joke.
  • Romance on the Set: Jim Carrey and Renée Zellweger started dating during the making of this film.
  • Throw It In!:
    • Jim Carrey ad-libbed the moment when he asks his sons to kiss him before he leaves; one of them looks obviously surprised.
    • In the scene where Charlie and Irene are pushing the car off the cliff, Carrey says "On nine" and counts to nine very fast. This was ad-libbed and for a moment Renée Zellweger looks obviously surprised.


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