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  • Pretty much everything Ash does.
  • "Lest Ye Be Judged". The team runs a multi-part con to get Albert his parole, conning a judge, and blackmailing the psychiatrist. That leaves the governor, who is clearly so strait-laced that it's easy to believe she's "unconnable", as Mickey claims, but the board is two out of three. The only problem? The judge believes Albert is really a guy who is legally dead, who knows the location of a lumber yard where the mark thinks stolen coins are hidden. There is no way to inform Albert of this. And they don't have to. He successfully bluffs, directing the mark to what's now a prison, insisting that he told them not to sell the yard, and vanishes while the mark is standing there with mouth agape. Then he reveals that he managed to con the unconnable gov. by noticing her fondness for cats and pretending he hustled other prisoners out of their money to send to a cat charity, since she usually gets her way, as Albert notes.
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  • "Conning The Artists", in which the gang are thoroughly defeated by a smart ten-year-old girl, who does it to get her family out from under the thumb of a cruel landlord.

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