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  • Eddie's usually the group's Chew Toy, but occasionally, when he needs it, they'll do him a good turn, and it's always sweet.
    • They saved him from a bent copper who tried blackmailing him in Series 2.
    • In Series 4, they conned a property developer and wine snob out of £600,000 just to make Eddie's Dad's nursing home better.
      • While Eddie thought they were trying to cover for trashing his bar, when he shows up after the gang thought he'd been taken hostage, they're all clearly glad that he's all right, with Stacie even hugging him in relief.
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    • At the beginning of Series 5 they buy back the bar for him with all of their money (at the time).
    • Series 7 opens with them planning an already complicated con by tricking three marks with the same plan at once; using the Spanish Prisoner scam on the modelling agency who just cheated Eddie's niece out of almost a thousand pounds and her dream of being a model, they not only trick the mark out of £100 000, but proceed to win a contract for Eddie's niece with a rival agency to the one owned by their mark.
    • He finally got some some thoroughly deserved reward for being the group's Chew Toy when he finds happiness with one of the group's fellow grifters, Carol in Series 8.
  • After Albert suffers a crisis of confidence following the death of an old friend, he suffers a losing streak at poker that leads to him losing the ring that was left to him by said old friend. Despite Albert snapping at him earlier, Ash makes a point of going out and conning the man who won it to get it back for Albert.
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  • In "Conning The Artists" a ten-year-old girl and her brother who always wanted to be a samurai cheats the gang out of their take from the old "illegal currency exchange" scam. And in the end it turns out she did it to get them out from under the thumb of the gang's original mark, their landlord.
  • In Series 4, Ash tracks down Albert's wartime love for him because, as Ash freely admits, he loves Albert and he's a big softie.
  • Danny's chat with Albert in the final episode of season 4, telling him that it's because of their all looking out for and caring about each other that make them such a special team.
  • The team silently showing up to support a devastated Albert at the casino after he blew his chance to be a part of his daughter's life. True Companions indeed.
    • From the same episode, Mickey telling Albert that if he needs him for his current dilemma, Mickey will drop everything he's doing to help. At that point, everything he's doing involves stealing diamonds for/not getting killed by the Mafia.
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  • The team taking Albert out for (what's implied to be) his birthday in "Ding Dong, That's My Song".

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