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Tear Jerker / Hustle

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  • Johnny Keyes' death in "Confessions". Suffering a major heart attack during the team's con, he dies in the arms of the man who he thinks is his son - Danny - confessing he had the money to pay his ransom but didn't, and subsequently begging for forgiveness in his last moments.
  • Albert visiting the woman he fell in love with during WW2 in season 4 episode 3, as Ash's conversation with Billy at the end plays over it. He notes how being a grifter leaves you cut off from what normal people take for granted, like a home or family, as Albert wistfully watches his former love with her family from a distance. As she starts to drive away, there's a moment of eye contact between them, where the woman either doesn't recognize him, or does recognize him but wants to ignore him, leaving Albert to walk away.
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  • A lot of Sean and Emma's confrontation with their father, especially a somewhat sad moment when he runs around a corner, looking for them to say something at the end and they're gone.
  • In a downplayed sense, the con in the fourth episode going off like clockwork... right after they realize that the target is actually innocent and he's left confused and betrayed about the whole thing.
  • In season seven Albert connects with a lost love and finds out that he has a daughter. Bonding with her leads him to wonder what his life would be like if he had made different choices. He promises to see his daughter before she leaves the UK to return back home to the US, but gets distracted gambling and loses track of the time. By the time he rushes to see her off it's too late. We later cut to a devastated Albert doing the only thing he knows how, gambling at the tables. Silently, Mickey, Ash, Emma and Sean show up to support him.
    • The moment Albert realises he screwed up and is late, he slams his fists on the table and shouts 'Shit!' to himself - it's an OOC moment for a usually reserved and cool-headed Albert.

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