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  • Danny singing the Rawhide theme song with his rubber duck in the tub. Loudly.
    "Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep 'em duckies moving..."

  • An episode opens with Danny and Mick convincing their mark he's about to pull off a major real estate purchase, making it sound like a house or such. With the deal done, the man looks out the window to what he thinks he's just bought: "The Eye" ferris wheel in the heart of London.
    • The first scene after the titles is the man being shown on a newscast arrested when he showed up to claim his "property" and the newscaster chuckling at how anyone could be so stupid as to think they bought The Eye from a pair of total strangers.

  • Danny and Mickey being turfed out of the back of a van in the middle of London, stark naked, and their efforts to get clothes.

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  • Eddie's idol footballer, Ian Rush, calling him and Eddie thinking that its one of the team pulling a prank on him.

  • In the episode Picasso Fingerpainting, it starts with Ash hanging upside down in an abandoned warehouse. He then goes on to state that it started out with a good idea. Turns out it's a really bad idea to sell stolen objects to the original owner.

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