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  • The finale of season 1 opens with Danny and Mick convincing their mark he's about to pull off a major real estate purchase, making it sound like a house or such. With the deal done, the man looks out the window to what he thinks he's just bought: "The Eye" ferris wheel in the heart of London.
    • The first scene after the titles is the man being shown on a newscast arrested when he showed up to claim his "property" and the newscaster chuckling at how anyone could be so stupid as to think they bought The Eye from a pair of total strangers.

  • Danny and Mickey being turfed out of the back of a van in the middle of London, stark naked, and their efforts to get clothes. And then The Reveal at the end that Albert made up the whole story that inspired them to do so in order to win a bet.

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  • Danny feeding a sleazy reporter a fake story about restaurants flushing fat into the sewers. Instead the guy gets spluttered with actual sewage.

  • Danny getting caned over a lost bet during the Whitaker Wright job (and then turning the tables on the marks at the end) with the cold open having a Flash Forward to that scene and Danny saying sometimes he wishes he never heard Whitaker's name.
    • The ending of the same episode, where, having completely played the team for fools, JW3 makes his escape on a flight back to the States - but not before realising they're watching from the terminal and giving them the jauntiest of waves as even Mickey, con master, can only gawp in disbelief. If he was any more nonchalant, the Looney Tunes theme and Porky Pig would play him out.

  • Danny singing the Rawhide theme song with his rubber duck in the tub. Loudly.
    "Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep 'em duckies moving..."

  • The Bollywood dance routine/Imagine Spot in "A Bollywood Dream" has numerous funny little moments
    • The gang's visible confusion as the scene changes and they're all suddenly wearing Indian clothing.
    • Danny and Ash's amazingly awful lip-syncing, coupled with Ash admitting the dance is actually quite fun, then wanting an elephant.
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    • The two suddenly switching back to their natural voices after the mark (who'd previously been hit with Laser-Guided Amnesia after rumbling them), just to admit they have no idea what he's saying.
    • Danny having an Oh, Crap! moment in perfect sync with the music as the mark sings about giving his wealth away to charity. It's the absurdly cheery look on his face that makes it work.
    • The absurdity of seeing the team debating the ethics of conning their now-changed mark as the dance routine plays out without pause in the background.

  • On Danny's first job as team leader, the Once More, with Clarity! scene where the Mark panics and sees Ash dragged out of a place he was sent to rob screaming out and trying to implicate him. Turns out there was no attempted robbery and Ash just started acting like an off-his-meds weirdo to get security (who actually had no idea what he was talking about) to escort him out.

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  • 'In "Getting Even", Danny describing the plan to set up the mark only for Albert to show up and talk about how the mark is Properly Paranoid about conmen after encountering one whose plan was exactly like the one Danny proposed, which sounds a lot less clever and convincing when someone else says it.

  • The episode that's a Whole Plot Reference to The Emperor's New Clothes. They trick a sleazynote  fashion designer into marketing lousy clothes before using psychology to make the crowd turn on them. Then they convince her to model one of her own dresses and walk onto the stage in what looks remarkably like a potato sack right as the crowd start booing.
    • Then, the mark and her business manager are seen on the phone, waiting for the people (Albert and Ash in disguise) who they thought wanted to be the rights to the new clothing line (which was what emboldened them to make the deal without waiting for the reaction). And they keep waiting as the hone keeps ringing, while the team sits outside of a payphone (the number they gave) and watch in amusement.
    • Unrelated to the con, Ash makes a bet with Eddie on a drinking contest. Ash has three mugs of beet and Eddie has three shot glasses, and Ash bets he can drink his faster. The only rule is that they can't touch each others glasses (saying it in a way that's meant to imply they can't knock over each others beer glasses before they can drink them.). Eddie doesn't even start on his shot glasses right away, just prematurely gloating about how he's finally going to come out ahead while Ash drowns his first mug. Then Ash places his mug over one of Eddie's shot glass. When Eddie tries to remove it Ash reminds him that they can't touch each others glasses and smugly moves on to his next mug.

  • Carlton Wood's increasingly Up to Eleven meltdowns at being outwitted. Mickey even admits in their second appearance that he could have walked away with the further million he'd taken him for without Carlton being any the wiser - but he just had to come and see his reaction when he realised what had happened.

  • Harry Fielding's stupidity in general.
    • His failure to realize the crew are scam artists, threatening to get their (non-existent) company blacklisted if they proceed. His smug "that told them" look and Carlton's You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! reaction need to be seen to be believed.
    Carlton: You really are a bloody moron, aren't you?
    • Then there's blowing his and Carlton's entire con by being stupid enough to advertise it in the newspaper first.
    • Their accomplice Alfie Barrons' stupidity. Even after being briefed about the whole con he still can't seem to get it, telling the others the con actually sounds like a good deal and thinking they should invest all of their money right away (never mind that the grifters would just take it if they did).

  • Sean's Oh, Crap! moment when he gets into a card game with Ash in one of his early episodes after he'd thought he'd rigged Ash's cards so he'd always have an advantage - and of course Ash, being way more experienced, has been onto him all along.

  • A comic buff tangibly involved in a con having an Imagine Spot of Stacie dressed as Wonder Woman. From the same episode,e Albert having an Imagine Spot of himself in a comic book panel, punching out a collector who insulated Stacie was a prostitute (complete with a "Pow" bubble).

  • 'The Hookers and Blow Imagine Spot Sir Edmund Richardson keeps having about the job he thinks he's been offered as part of the con.

  • Ash making shit up about English history and architecture in "Old Sparks Come New" to fool a mark into buying a castle. The following makes even The Stoic Mickey Face Palm;
    And if we look up, we can see a typical example of a flying buttocked ceiling."
    • Also, his working "Richard De Gere" in as a historical figure.
    • And then the Mark buys the castle (which is really being used as a museum) and is fantasizing about being a grand aristocrat, sitting around in her underwear, with a cape and her feet up on "her" new desk when a tour group walks through.
    • The Mark being paid back 1 pound (which was on the "offical" contract of sale when she paid most of the money under the table).

  • Eddie's idol footballer, Ian Rush, calling him and Eddie thinking that its one of the team pulling a prank on him.
    • From the same episode, Emma's attempts to get the team de-barred from Eddie's turn a little desperate.
    Emma: Would it help if I slept with you?
    Eddie: No.
    Emma: What?!
    Eddie: ...sorry, I panicked just there. I meant to say yeah.

  • The Stupid Crooks dialogue of "Liability" Finch, such as being reluctant to admit he lied about his skills to get hired and talking about how its a stereotype to assume the Russian who hired him is a gansgter before admitting the man threatened to cut his ear off.

  • In the episode "Picasso Fingerpainting", it starts with Ash hanging upside down in an abandoned warehouse. He then goes on to state that it started out with a good idea. Turns out it's a really bad idea to sell stolen objects to the original owner.

  • Danny hitting on Emma within seconds of his reintroduction. In fact, his entire return is genuinely hilarious.

  • Everything from the last act of Eat Yourself Slender from the looks on the faces of the marks when Mickey reveals he tricked them into wearing a button camera while committing industrial espionage to them finding out that they paid a quarter of a million pounds for a diet drug that eliminates fat through sweat that just makes them vomit.
    • If that wasn't enough, the marks start gloating amongst themselves (whilst throwing up) about the fact that they ended up better off since they still have the Faberge egg worth 20 times the quarter of a million they gave the gang... only for it to be revealed that the Faberge egg the gang supposedly stole from a gallery was a fake and the real one was hidden at the gallery.

  • Mickey blackmailing a government agent who tried to set him up with a video of her trying to seduce him off the clock. And Ash gleefully ribbing him about it afterwards.
    Ash: You're a naughty, naughty boy!
    • Earlier in the scene, the agents receive a call from the police saying that there was no sign of a robbery in the bank the crew had been blackmailed into robbing and that the money that the agents were going to have the team prosecuted for taking was still in the vault.
    Ash: D'you know, I knew we'd forgotten something!

  • In "Gold Finger" Sean tricking Ash into making a fake recording praising Liverpool over West Ham in order to serve as an apology for an act of vandalism for one of Eddie's possessions that was actually done by Mickey, Albert and Sean.

  • At the end of Gold Finger, the mark has tracked them down due to hearing them mention Eddie's Bar during the con. It looks like the gang's luck has run out, only it turns out that the man actually wants to hire them to kill the man he thinks cheated him without any help (really just another con man assisting crew). Mickey can barely keep a straight face as he clarifies that the mark will pay them a hundred thousand pounds just for a picture of the dead body of that other conman. It then cuts to said conman lying on the floor with his eyes closed and ketchup squirted across his shirt to look like blood as the team takes a picture.

  • As the series attracted more big-name guests, some of the overacting by guests clearly enjoying the chance to not take things very seriously is absolutely hysterical. Daniel Mays in "Conned Out of Luck" and David Harewood in "The Fall of Railton FC" are the standouts - the former playing his scumbag entrepeneur like a nightmare fusion of Richard Branson and Private Walker, the latter an outrageously manipulative Motor Mouth.

  • The ending to "Conned Out of Luck" when the mark finds out that the revolutionary chemical free insect killing device that Richard Branson and Lord Sugar were apparently interested in (and that he paid £160,000 to own the rights to) was two blocks of wood with A and B labels and a target printed on.
    Lloyd's assistant (reading the instructions): Place insect on block A and strike down sharply with block B.
    • From the same episode, plenty of the scenes where Eddie temporarily gets his mojo. Particularly, the scene where he rents the bar for a bachelorette party, and when the strippers cancels, ends up doing the striptease for the customers himself and being a big hit.

  • In "The Lesson" Stacie tricks a banker who pissed her off into thinking that he has insider information on a big land deal. The scene where he finishes signing a check for (actually worthless) land and then phones the planning council, asking for information about the contract for the new parking lot for a housing project, before frowning and asking what do they mean by what housing project.

  • In "As Good as It Gets" as Albert is describing the potential marks he's lined up (complete with captions) he gets to Viscount Manley and eloquently asks what words he can use to sum up this "fine young product of the aristocracy" the caption "Absolute Arse" appears beneath Manley. When the team is voting on which mark to go after, Ash picks Manley and writes "Posh git" on his ballot.

  • In "Ding Dong, That's My Song," the team con game show host convinces developer Dale Ridley to front their non-existent company to buy the studio that fired him many years ago. Ridley's price is 2.5 million pounds, and permission to drive a bulldozer during the demolition of the studio.

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