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The movies:


  • Deebo sending Red flying with a single punch in a flashback scene.
    Deebo: THAT'S MY BIKE, PUNK!
  • Willie/Mr. Jones' speech to Craig about manhood and self-defense after catching him with a loaded weapon.
    Willie: You win some. You lose some. But you live. You live to fight another day! You think you a man with that gun in your hand, dont’cha?
    Craig: I’m a man without it.
  • Craig and Smokey getting back at the kid who is knocking over the trash cans in their neighborhood.
  • The final fight between Craig and Deebo.
    • Deebo doesn't even flinch when Craig pulls a gun on him.
    Deebo: Whatcha gonna do with that, besides make me mad?
    • Bonus points for the last scene where Craig uses a well-placed brick to KO him once and for all.
    Craig: (to Deebo) Now who's the punk?
    Smokey: (to Deebo) You got the knocked out of the fuck out, man!
    • Red getting both his bike and chain back from Deebo after Craig knocks out the latter.
  • Craig finally breaking up with his controlling girlfriend after she calls him to harass him.
    Craig: It's over, bitch! (hangs up)
  • In a real-life example that unfortunately doubles as a tearjerker, most of the cast members across all three films attended John Witherspoon’s (Mr. Jones) memorial upon his passing in 2019. Ice Cube (Craig) even gave a heartfelt eulogy, praising Witherspoon as well as calling out the executives at New Line Cinema who rejected scripts for a potential fourth movie.


Next Friday

  • Craig pushing the irate African man trying to intimidate Day-Day at the record store into a CD rack, sending him running with his tail tucked between his legs.
  • Craig managing to turn the tables after Pinky slips on a CD on the floor while threatening him.

Friday After Next

  • Money Mike gaining the upper hand while defending himself from Damon's advances via a pair of pliers to Damon's groin. Not only that, but he manages to lead him out of the apartment all the way to his car with Damon in tow.
  • Craig and Day-day FINALLY getting their hands on the Bad Santa and kicking his ass all over his own house.

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