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The Movie

  • When Frank is caught trying to protect one of the nurses. He's knocked unconscious by Shepard, but not before he gets in a least one good punch.
    Shepard: I asked you a question.
    Frank: Marry Finelli! (punches him in the gut)
  • John and Frank coming up with the plan to hide Frank's wallet for thirty years, so John can get the Nightingale's fingerprints.
    Frank: Wow.
  • When Frank manages an escape by using his firefighting know-how to rig electrical wiring, a metal door, coffee, a spraycan and a lighter. MacGyver would have been proud.
    • Not only that, minutes later he sneaks into the killer's apartment to find evidence and manages to outrun the man while being shot at.
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  • Frank managing to repair the radio after it was accidentally damaged.
  • When it looks like Shepard is about to kill the younger John, Julia of all people appears out of nowhere and attacks Shepard long enough for John to escape.
  • Frank shows up to rescue John when he comes face to face with the elderly Nightingale Killer, and he does so with a shotgun in hand, awesome!
    • Not just any shotgun. It's the very same shotgun Frank used to blow off the killer's hand 30 years ago.
  • The concept and execution of the parallel fights between Frank and young Shepard in 1969 and John and old Shepard in 1999. Double points for the injuries the former recieves suddenly appearing on the latter, including the infamous bit where old Shepard's hand twists and malforms into a stump after young Shepard's is shot off by Frank.


The Series

  • Frank uses the future information to track down a guy who, while he isn't the Nightingale Killer, is still a sick bastard who's keeping a woman prisoner in his shed. His arrival allows her to fight back, kicking his ass and also exposing his crimes to his mother. And when she's still listed as missing in 2016, Raimy gets Frank to search the woods and he rescues her, upon which her status in the police records instantly changes to her being saved.

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