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  • In the video, when she's debating which seat to take, both front seats are TAKEN. Why is this even an issue, then? She should clearly opt for the back seat.
    • Well, she's also debating the same thing while she's already sitting (well, standing) in one of the seats. Maybe she just thinks her friends will move if she asks, or something.
    • To be fair, it makes sense (or at least more sense) if you listen to the song without the video.
    • Imagine if she was in a movie theatre...
  • What comes after Sunday?
    • Monday, but don't think about it too much or your brain will seize up.
    • But the song doesn't mention a "Monday." Indeed, there is no real indication anywhere how long the mysterious gap between Sunday and Thursday is. It could be years, for all we know.
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    • Nothing comes after Sunday if the weekend never ends. Unless Monday is added to the idea of "weekend." Or maybe there's a Funday...
  • "We so excited" and "We gonna have a ball today". What is she going for with this obvious grammar error? Is she going for the catchy grammar error in songs, like The Way I Are and other songs? Because it's too noticeable and not catchy, it just makes her look stupid.
    • Especially because "We're so excited" fits just as well.
    • Whoever wrote the song was told to appeal to teens and tried to make it sound "street."
  • What amazing parties do teenagers go to? Especially middle schoolers. Adults and rich, or famous, kids are the ones that go to cool parties.
  • ...Isn't Friday a Bob Dylan song?




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