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Awesome moments for the comic book Flashpoint:

  • The sinking of the entire continent of Europe may rank up as one of the most awesome things Aquaman has ever done. Aquaman - the guy who talks to fish - sank a whole damn continent.
    • Though it wasn't exactly him - he was using Geoforce to do this.
  • Lois and a depowered Britannica are trapped inside a secret bunker in Britain, housing Britannica's armor, the only way she can use her powers. Cornered by Artemis, one of the Amazons elite warriors, Britannica is impaled by her, and Lois is about to be executed. Crawling and bleeding to her armor, Britannica gets there just in time, and flies in just in time and busts her clean in half.
  • Thomas Wayne, Batman - a non-powered man in his late 50's - impales the Reverse Flash with a sword, killing him. That's right, he just killed the big bad. But we can't really be surprised. He's Batman. Heck, in the cartoon animation he headshots Reverse Flash from behind... with a handgun.
    • Not to mention Batman: Knight Of Vengeance #1, where he goes mano-a-mano with Killer Croc - an enemy Bruce has trouble with in the regular timeline - in a sewer, and saves himself from being drowned by stabbing Croc in the eye with a finger before splitting Croc's head open with the brute's own machete!
  • Seeing a living, breathing Vic Sage and Kid Devil again, even for just one panel, was really awesome.


Awesome moments for the TV series Flashpoint:

  • In the 2nd episode, First In Line, when Ed and Jules perform a Fast-Roping Dynamic Entry into a hospital OR to safely take down the subject. Alive.
  • In the endgame for He Knows His Brother the abusive father comes home after a child the father's driven into violence to defend themselves injured Lewis and Spike while on the run. Ed blocks the open door as a detective takes statements about the abuse in the background, and refuses to move until the man is back in his car and driving away.
    Ed: Uh-uh.
    Father: Excuse me?
    Ed: Yeah I'm sorry sir, that's just not going to happen.
    Father: And why is that exactly?
    Ed: That's a good question. Here's a better question sir. Who does the big-time lawyer call when he needs a big-time lawyer?
    Father: I've had just about enough of this.
    Ed: Haven't we all.
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  • In the episode Acceptable Risk, when info that Ed thinks Sgt. Parker should know comes to light while he sequestered, he barges into where Parker is being held and when a young officer there tries to turn him back with less then a dozen words and a look, Ed sends him walking off in the opposite direction.
  • Ed is chasing down a gunman who just fired shots at the bride at a wedding. Ed is unarmed but knows that the gunman only has a six-shot revolver. He follows the shooter from far enough that he can duck behind cover whenever the shooter turns and fires at him. Ed is counting the shots and when he reaches six, he is able to charge and take down the gunman since the revolver is now out of bullets.
  • Spike is held at gunpoint by some criminals and forced to hack into the security system of a police evidence warehouse so the criminals can break in and steal a large amount of heroin. When SRU is called in to investigate, he triggers alarms all over the building to send them on a wild goose chase. However, Parker realizes that all the alarms in the building are numbered and the numbers of the ones being triggered when put together form Spike's badge number and the police code for 'officer in distress'.
  • In the series finale, Parker realizes that there's a final bomb set to go off and, with his team unable to get to it in time, goes to disarm it himself. The mad bomber finds him and shoots at him, but Parker keeps trying to disarm the bomb. Even when he gets hit, four times, he keeps trying to disarm the bomb, all the while taunting the psycho that's trying to kill him. And when he succeeds, he makes a point, while he's bleeding and barely able to talk, of telling the bomber that his plan has failed, to his face, while a gun is pointed at him. Badass.
  • In a non-team example, a teenage girl in "Perfect Storm" manages to talk down a school shooter whom she'd been friends with, simply by being honest and understanding.


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