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Heartwarming moments for the comic book Flashpoint:

  • After spending twenty years trapped in a laboratory facility deep underground, a pale, emaciated Kal-El sees the sun rise for the first time in his life upon escaping, and it is "beautiful".
  • What convinces Batman (Dr. Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father) to believe Barry's story? Bruce lived in Barry's timeline.
  • General Sam Lane considers Kal-El to be his son: he names him based on translations of Kryptonian, and even refers to him as his child when defending him and Lois from Subject Zero.
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  • Lois, when she meets Kal-El for the first time, Kal-El steps in front of her to protect her from the rampaging Subject Zero, even though he has no powers from lack of sunlight, Subject Zero could easily kill him, and he had only just met Lois.
  • Batman (Thomas Wayne in this timeline) and the Joker (a crazed Martha Wayne) agree to let their timeline be overwritten, so that their son Bruce can live, embracing for what appears to be their first time since Bruce's death... though Martha doesn't take ''nearly'' as well the realization, by Thomas' simple "no" to Bruce growing up to be a doctor, to a living Bruce's eventual fate.
  • When Barry visits Bruce in the restored timeline, he expresses confusion over his still having the memories of the Flashpoint history. Bruce merely advices him to accept them as a gift — Barry may not be allowed to save his mother, but he still gets to remember a lifetime spent with her.
  • At the end of issue #5, Barry gives Bruce a letter from Thomas Wayne.
    • That's just scratching the surface. After that, we get half a page of Batman taking off his cowl, reading the letter. Cue him crying. The Goddamn Batman is crying over a letter from his father.
    • And then Bruce gives Barry the warmest, most thankful smile he's ever given anyone and THANKS him. Cue the feels.
  • Bart Allen shaking off the influence of Black Flash and briefly becoming White Flash, sacrificing himself to restore Barry's powers and telling him to save the world.


Heartwarming moments for the TV series Flashpoint:

  • At the end of "First in Line," would-be heart-transplant patient William refuses treatment so Phoebe Swanson, whose distraught father took hostages because she'd been bumped down the list, can have the heart instead.
    Nurse: You gave a life today.
    William: Wasn't my turn.
  • "Attention Shoppers." Jules connecting with Tasha Renford, and talking her out of her suicide after she went past the Despair Event Horizon.
    • Honestly any time a member of the team talks someone out of suicide would qualify.
  • Parker reuniting with his son and both of them getting to know each other again after being ten years apart. Particularly in "A Call to Arms" where Parker's son asks him if he could live with him for a while.
    • Really, anything everything about Parker and Dean's relationship is heartwarming.
  • At the end of "Exit Wounds", where Parker talks about Ed Lane:
    "When everybody's struggling he's pushing you through, when everyone's lost he finds our way, and when we falter he picks us up. Problem is when he's done all that, who picks him up? You saved that kid today, Eddie. And one time or another you've saved everyone in this room."
  • In "Asking For Flowers", Wordy convinces a battered wife to turn in her husband by giving her an impassioned speech about someone he knew who was being abused by her husband, mentioning that she always wore turtlenecks in summer and looked terrified; while the woman doesn't have enough context, it's made pretty clear to the viewer that this "girl from [his] neighborhood" is Wordy's wife. At the end of the episode, Wordy pulls into his driveway to find his wife waiting for him on the porch, looking completely relaxed and wearing a low-cut shirt, and clearly very much in love with him. And he clearly returns the sentiment. Looks like Shelley got her happy ending.
  • The entire ending of "Slow Burn" where Jules and Sam find out they can work together in the same team. And how Parker individually speaks to each of his team with fondness and respect as he made his decision to stay on the team.
    (to Sam): We usually get to choose our teammates but in your case, we had greatness thrust upon us. Proud to have you here.
    (to Jules): Jules, you're my right hand. You are my heart. And you teach me something every day.
    (to Raf): Raf, you've seen what the job can be, right? Well you're a faster learner and you're going make this team even stronger.
    (to Wordy): Wordy, a day doesn't go by where I don't miss you.
    (to Spike): Spike. (in Italian) I love you like a son.
    (and altogether): Look, you guys are my family ... (breaks off in tears)
    • And finally, to his closest friend.
      (to Ed): I've got no words for you, my friend. No words for you. No words that can describe what you've done for me and who you are to me.


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