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Funny moments for the comic book Flashpoint:

  • Frankenstein facing off against a Nazi superhero guarding Hitler's bunker. The exchange goes as such:
    Nazi Superman: Come to me, jigsaw man! Come feel the strength and glory of the motherland squeeze the life from your-
    Frankenstein: Shut up. *Stabs him dead with The Sword of Michael*
  • Element Woman introducing herself in the fourth issue:
    Element Woman: My name's Emily Sung, but my top secret code name is Element Woman! Anyone want a juice box? I brought extra.
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  • Barry getting stuck in traffic driving to Wayne Manor. He looks at the truck in front of him, which has a bumper sticker reading "I Brake For Nobody" and slams him head against the car horn. You can tell he's not used to having to travel so slowly.
  • Hal Jordan never became Green Lantern, something Barry notes... along with the fact he still couldn't manage to marry Carol Ferris. That's just so perky a reflexion.
  • Flash knows Batman has a plan, he has a special growl when it's the case - don't you try to deny, Dr Wayne, your son did the same, so explain!


Funny moments for the TV series Flashpoint:

  • In "First in Line" when Sam continuously advocated gung ho solutions to a hostage situation, Ed finally gets fed up and grabs a map of the building they're in.
    Ed: There's something I need you to do. Alright, see these stairs here, that's where we came in, alright? I need you to make a reverse entry. Go across this hallway. These doors here, I need you to go through them. Now be careful, 'cause that is a big road. I want you to cross it, I want you to make an entry into this Timmy's, get a double double. Jules?
    Jules: Cream, no sugar.
    Ed: Spike?
    Spike: No, I'm good.
    Sam: You serious?
    Jules: (Once he leaves) We went all coffee-shop on his ass.
  • In "Last Dance" when the team had to work overtime, some members called their wives/girlfriends/loved ones to tell them they would be late coming home. Lewis gets a call from Spike who was standing not ten feet away from him.
    Spike: Hey Lou, I'm gonna be late coming home.
    Lou: Aw it's okay. At least you called.
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  • In Attention Shoppers, Spike and Parker's reaction to the vague and conflicting witness statements the team is getting in regards to a mall shooting.
    Wordy: Boss, witnesses saw teenagers bolt out of a restroom and up the stairs.
    Spike: Three teenage girls, four teenage girls, three girls and a boy...could be seven orangutans.
    Parker: How about a little less information and a little more intelligence?
  • "Clean Hands" reveals something that Ed is afraid of.
    Delia Semple: Not a bad vacation for the guys who get to fly over at least.
    Parker: Well, if you like jumping over the ocean in a metal coffin, sure.
    Delia Semple: There’s something you guys are actually afraid of!
    Parker: You know what, we all have our weak spots. Could be anything. Flying. Cats.
    (Parker looks at Eddie)
    Spike: I was there, it was mean.
    • Later on:
      Parker: Sorry about that cat thing.
      Eddie: We’ll talk about that later!
      (Parker laughs)
  • There is something very adorable whenever anyone talks to and about Babycakes.
    Parker: Babycakes, how are you?
    Spike: Frickin' shag carpet. Been picking it out of her treads all morning.
    Ed: Price of love, Spike.
    Spike: Yeah she didn't even make me breakfast.
    Parker: Say good bye to your girlfriend. Briefing room, five minutes.
  • In "Element of Surprise", this ensuing conversation as the team was getting ready to bust a drug dealer:
    Parker: (referring to the undercover cop) What's his in?
    Naismith: He's worked his way up through the ranks over the past eight months from a lowlife to mid-level runner. Trust factor's pretty high, so Asshat's giving Geddes a slice to sell to the neighborhood kids.
    (after Naismith leaves)
    Parker: Did he say "asshat?"
    Ed: He said "asshat."
  • In Part One of the series finale, Spike needs acetone to defuse a bomb, so he rushes outside and breathlessly asks if anyone has nail polish remover (acetone is a common ingredient in this product). Peoples' initial reaction is to stare at him like he's crazy and he has to yell, "I'm serious!"
    • Later in the episode, Spike tells the team that the bomber's message was sent with an untraceable dummy account. When asked how he knows that:
      Spike: Because he named it "Dummy_account".
  • A retroactive funny: watching the first episode of the series and witnessing Sam's botched initial introduction to the team can illicit a few laughs.
    • Not to mention the value of a little Gilbert and Sullivan singing to placate an annoyed wife for missing her parent's 40th Anniversary.


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