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WMG for the comic book Flashpoint:

New Earth still exists, it's just missing a Flash.
When Barry tried to go back in time, he somehow accidentally went to a different dimension (Flashpoint) instead. Maybe his mind wandered, maybe Zoom travelling in time threw him off. When he tried to restore time, same thing happened, he popped over to Nu 52 (maybe with some help from Pandora), but New Earth is still right where he left it.
  • Semi-jossed, semi-confirmed. Convergence confirmed that New Earth Gotham City was removed from Earth by Brainiac just before Flashpoint happened, and therefore it continued to exist independently of the Flashpoint timeline and the New 52. However, DC Rebirth reiterated that New Earth became the New 52 Earth as a result of the events of Flashpoint.

Barry Allen isn't the real main character of Flashpoint. Thomas Wayne is.
Flashpoint Barry Allen is dead.

Thomas Wayne - Batman - will ultimately become The Flash. And as the Flash, the responsibility will fall to him to stop Reverse Flash and set things right, which will be pulled off in a heroic sacrifice that echoes what Barry Allen did to stop the Anti-Monitor in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. Ultimately, though, his efforts won't fix things entirely, since he's not actually supposed to be The Flash, which is what will result in the DC reboot.

This also explains why we got narration from Wayne instead of Flash at the beginning of the first issue - it's a case of bait and switch hero. While the comic is called Flashpoint, Barry Allen Flash isn't meant to be the true main character, and was killed off trying to replicate the experiment that gave him his powers.


With Barry dead, and Thomas driven by his claim that Bruce is suppose to be alive instead of him, will turn into The Flash in his effort to make things right.

  • Jossed. Barry managed to re-enact his Super Hero Origin - on the second attempt - to become that world's Flash, which never was. And while it's indeed Thomas who offs the Reverse-Flash in the end, he stayed as the Batman until the end. And the reboot of the proper timeline is actually DC, Wildstorm and Vertigo joining together to fight a bigger threat - as yet unrevealed.

Where are the New Gods and the Endless in all this?
The ramifications of Flashpoint have been demonstrated to have reached far beyond Earth in the Abin Sur tie-in. The Blackest Night, which was only a one-day event in the regular DC Universe, is actually an invasion which has both been going on for some time in outer space and hasn't yet reached Earth.

If the timeline has been altered so drastically, then how has this effected the New Gods, and the seven Endless? Both have had many interactions with the people of Earth over the years, the Endless specifically. If events were altered so, does that mean the New Gods are still alive? Is Dream still Morpheus? Was he ever captured in the 20th Century? Did Desire ever rape Unity Kinkaid? And is Destiny aware of how vast reality has been changed, and for that matter, how does he feel about it?


  • I am not versed enough in the New Gods to speculate on them. As for for the Endless this is likely just Tuesday. In the Sandman series we see two parallel universes indirectly: the story about Prez and the cats' dream. In Action Comics Death meets Lex Luthor while he is trying to study Black Lantern energy. Her response to to the whole Black Lantern event? Eh, some overtime. People always are dying. It is a little strange undead are killing extra people, but several times more than that would have died naturally on Earth alone even without the Black Lanterns. People came back from the dead? Eh, they'll die again :). Eternal Bliss given to the universe with the halting of all death? Ahh, so this is what a vacation feels like. Oops, death is happening again, back to work. I think some of the Endless might get worked up a bit, but in the grand scheme it is just an annoyance.

    • There's a likelihood that either New Genesis and Apokolips managed to keep clear from the Blackest Night, or it may have got one of them or even both. And now with Abin Sur becoming the White Entity's champion after being discharged from the Green Lantern Corps essentially for trying to help Earth, he might have started working to take Nekron down - though, in comparison to the main universe's Blackest Night, that's some work he got ahead of him.

Wally West is not making it out of this event alive.
As of this writing, we know the post-Flashpoint fates of basically all the A-list and high B-list heroes of The DCU... except one. Wally West, Flash III, is conspicuously absent from all interviews and press releases. Perhaps this is because they don't want to give out any spoilers, and perhaps that spoiler is that he's going to die. He'll probably go out in a Heroic Sacrifice akin to Barry's in Crisis, and there will be wank. Even if he dies a Foe-Tossing Charge against fifty Anti-Monitors, oh, there. Will. Be. Wank.
  • That might be a possibility, but another likely theory is...

Wally West (or at least one version of him) will play a role In- and After-Flashpoint.
I'll just say this now: It looks like the Flashpoint Wally is dead, having been murdered by Citizen Cold because Flashpoint Wally found out Cold's secret criminal past. However... this isn't to say that Wally West is out completely. During the Road To Flashpoint arc in the regular Flash monthly, it was revealed that Hot Pursuit was really an Alternate Universe Barry Allen who created a Cosmic Motorcycle with his nephew Wally. Hot Pursuit was then murdered by Zoom via life drain which Zoom later used to change history. Kid Flash Lost will show that Bart is stuck in the Flashpoint future and is trying to get back to the "present" to stop what's going on, and Hot Pursuit will help him in some way.

What I'm trying to say is that the Hot Pursuit in Kid Flash Lost won't be Barry... but Wally, the nephew of Hot Pursuit who has taken up the role after the death of his uncle. Now, as for post-Flashpoint? There will be a Flash in the Justice League and there will be a Flash in the Flash monthly. AFAIK, the J.L. Flash & the one in the Flash monthly wear different, even if so slightly, uniforms. So my theory is that Barry will be the Justice League Flash and Wally the titular speedster in Flash or vise-versa.

  • Well, part of my theory is Jossed: Hot Pursuit is really Patty Spivot, who stole the equipment of the murdered Alternate Barry.

    • With the reboot, Barry returning to being the primary Flash, Bart Allen now being a part of the Speed Force and all, one might even assume that Wally will return to being Kid Flash - though he'd have to be de-aged for that...

      • Confirmed: A race-lifted teenage Wally has been introduced.
      • And the original Wally is back soon after.

The Joker is... Bruce Wayne
.Exactly What It Says on the Tin. My theory is that Bruce somehow survived without his father's knowledge and went the way of the Earth-3 Owlman: become a criminal to spite his father. However, since Flashpoint Thomas became Batman, Bruce decided to not become a similar criminal, but instead into a more cruel, callous psychopath; eventually becoming the Joker.

  • Jossed: It's not Bruce. It's Martha.
    • O.P. Here. THAT completely surprised the hell out of me. That was actually... a better twist than my idea. Props to Brian & Geoff, they actually got me.

The Outsider is the White Entity.
Look at the panel where the Guardians tell Abin Sur to steal it. Look at the panel where they show the Outsider sitting in the ruins of Chandigarh. Totally the same guy.

Zoom isn't going to survive past Flashpoint
He'll wind up getting killed, as leaving him alive is too much of a risk to the time stream since he could just do everything over and over until he got the results he desired. And to top it off, either Flashpoint!Batman or Flashpoint!Joker will be the one to kill him, in order ensure that Bruce gets to grow up.

WMG for the TV series Flashpoint:

Flashpoint will end up resolving The Border.
Think about it. Both series are openly set in Toronto, and The Border ended amid a hanging Bolivian Army Cliffhanger with several ICS agents pinned down in a building somewhere near the Port Lands district. Both series have had several actors guest-star on the other. Characters Mike Kessler and Sam Braddock are each stated to be past members of JTF 2; seeing Spike and Slade interact would be hilarious; and the mix of the rest of the two casts could produce some awesome results. Hey, if the CBC wouldn't let The Border have an ending, perhaps CTV could ...

The events of Revolution left the cast in quite a predicament.
Fortunately for them, as the map in episode 5 indicates, they're in a part of Canada that the former USA doesn't even bother with. So it's possible that they formed a society that is a nice place to live.

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