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  • Winning the campaign for any side is pretty awesome, but the Iwo Jima Pose for the JSF ending stands out.
    • Also, EFEC victory speech. It hits you that an alliance of relatively weak countries in Europe, formed only a few years ago, has not only bested the most powerful nation of the 21st Century but also tamed the angry bear. And that is awesome.
    "Colonel, the war is over, and the European Federation is the victor. The torch of our great civilisation, lifted scarcely two years ago, has weathered the tempest of a global conflict to burn as a solitary beacon of hope for all mankind! We are the heroes of this new era! Fighting at my side, you have achieved glory, maybe perhaps... immortality. For Europa, Colonel. Victory always."
  • Any time a unit averts Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors and destroys it's counter-unit.
  • Defending in Siege mode. Your units stand in their capital and must hold the line in front of a massive relay, while unable to call in reinforcements or support. If you hold out for 10 minutes, the regular army arrive in droves to help you out. Bonus points if you manage to defeat the attacking force all by yourself.
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  • The deployment of each faction's Superweapons upon DEFCON One being declared. JSF? Massive kinetic strike that sends a massive cloud of smoke into the air. EFEC? An enormous pillar of blue light shoots down from space, utterly destroying anything it's used on. Russians aren't quite as spectacular, as all they have is a fuel air bomb, but it still causes a huge explosion with a friggin' mushroom cloud as the aftereffect.
  • Deep Striking a unit of Riflemen behind the frontline to capture your enemy's closest uplink. Then making it your Forward Command and dropping a unit of tanks right on top of your enemy's deployment zone.
  • Your one unit No Selling the combined firepower of 3 of its "prey". The sight of all those pathetic bullets just bouncing off your tank is wonderful.

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