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  • The Deadpan Snarker Victory Quotes of the XO's are pretty hilarious.
    (after beating the JSF as EFEC): "Now I see why Americans don't believe in evolution."
    (after beating the Spetznaz as EFEC): "Big tanks can't win every time."
    (after beating the EFEC with JSF): "That's what happens when you take siestas."
    (after beating the JSF with Speztnaz): "The cowboys are in boot hill."
    (after beating Speztnaz with JSF): "Boris should lay off the vodka."
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  • Also, Lt. General Scott Mitchell of the JSF injects a little humour into his briefings:
    "There are circus bears with more impressive military records. Plus, they can ride unicycles."
    "The Europeans don't like us on their soil... They were always snobs."
    "If there weren't a war on, he'd be working in a fast food place somewhere. And I don't mean as a manager."
    "Your opponent today isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. More like a tool, and probably asking for directions to the shed."

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