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  • Game-Breaker: While still possible to beat, a number of units and strategies, when applied properly, are capable of breaking Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors and pretty tough to beat.
    • European Panther tanks with the VIRCATOR upgrade. Capable of destroying an enemy's shields with one shot, and this enables them to take on gunships.
    • Similarly, Russian Ogre tanks can use their flamethrowers to take out gunships. Don't ask how that works.
      • In the same vein, American tanks can make use of their machine guns (which moderately improve their effectiveness against anything including gunships) and High-Explosive Squash Head/Beyond Line of Sight ammunition which either completely destroys shields or lops off half of an enemy's health, and if it's a BLOS round, it's frequently beyond retaliation range.
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    • Spamming Artillery and Gunships is known to piss a few people off.
  • Good Bad Bugs: It is entirely possible to capture Moscow even without having to capture it through any battles at all, due to the game's mechanism of pushing the enemy back to its origin point as they attack an uplink site (and after capturing all Russian uplink sites, while the players are at it), and it still counts as capturing the enemy's capital, which is your requirement for winning your campaign! This is not applicable somewhat for capturing Paris and Washington, D.C., however.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Intro video depicts Crimea as no longer part of Ukraine, either as independent or part of Russia. Come in 2014...
    • Also, the "European Federation's" exclusion of the United Kingdom coinciding with the real-life Brexit in 2016.
    • The existence of the European Superstate at all, especially as a progression of the EU. In light of growing nationalist movements across western Europe in early 2017, there are serious doubts the EU will survive the next few years.
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  • Player Punch: When you send your units into completely suicidal situations that there's no way they'll possibly escape from (which you're bound to have to do at least once), they tend to respond in sad, quiet voices with things like 'Wish us luck!' or 'We'll try our best, sir'. Anyone who doesn't feel like a complete and total bastard in that situation isn't human. Later in the game, every time a unit dies becomes a major Player Punch as well.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The general consensus seems to be that while it's gameplay can be addictive, it's otherwise a basic real-time strategy game that introduces few new features and takes little advantage of the story driving the single-player campaign.

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