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  • Moment of Awesome: Alma's father Otis is basically blackmailing her, threatening to implicate her in her husband Brom's death. An enraged Bullock has threatened Otis: "I will beat you here in the street." Otis promises to implicate Bullock as well if Bullock opposes him, then dares him, saying "I suppose you'd best take your swing"...whereupon Bullock beats him senseless. Awesome.
  • The last five minutes of Season 2 episode "Boy The Earth Talks To" contains more Crowning Moments than most series have in their entire runs. Starting from 47:55 to the closing credits at 53:35, we get: "God is not mocked you son of a bitch."; Mr. Wu's takeover; Wolcott's suicide; Dan Dority makes his peace with Adams; "Wu! America!"; Jen groping a shocked Merrick; Ellsworth dancing with Sofia, Sol with Trixie, Charlie with Jane and Joanie, Doc with Jewel - heck, the entire town dancing in the streets, happy and free of the world's worries for at least one night ("Hey! We ain't done fuckin' dancing!"). That may or may not be more than most series' runs, but this troper alternately cheered, grinned, and wept manly tears over that final 5:40.
  • Alma Garrett's beautifully passive-aggressive smackdown of the weaselly hotel-owner E.B., who's under orders to raise doubt in her mind about the camp's future.
  • Sheriff Seth Bullock, breaking up the tarring of a black man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. After the victim screamed out "Motherfucker" at the racist posse leader Steve, Steve refuses to listen to Bullock's order to let the man go, adding "Did you hear this monkey just mother-fucked me?!" Bullock cocks his revolver and draws on Steve's face as he replies with Tranquil Fury "I'll mother fuck you, and, blow your head off."
  • Bullock taking Hearst by the EAR and dragging him into jail.
  • After Ellsworth's death, Trixie goes straight to Hearst's hotel, opens up her blouse to get through all the Pinkertons guarding the lobby, knocks on his door and shoots him.
  • Charlie Utter's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Francis Wollcott.
  • The pep talk Al gives Merrick "Stand it like a man...and give some back"
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  • Al's beating the crap out of Hearst's head Pinkerton who shot at Alma.
    Al: How many ribs do you think you broke?
    Pinkerton: I feel like I broke...two or three
    Al: I'm talking about that newspaperman's ribs you fucking cunt!
  • The single scene that Wild Bill Hickok (played by Keith Carradine) and Al Swearengen (played by Ian Mc Shane) share in the entire series, early in the first season. For context, Hickok has been asked by Alma Garrett to investigate whether Al Swearengen has something to do with her husband's death, and then later asks him to investigate why EB is so interested in buying back her claim on the gold patch that her husband had bought before his murder (spoiler: it's so Al can make a profit on nothing). The following exchange might be the only time that Al Swearengen, the Manipulative Bastard that he is, is legitimately afraid.
    Hickok: This man Garrett who fell off the rocks...
    Al: (feigning innocence) The eastern dude?
    Hickok: His widow's had an offer on his claim from that innkeeper sitting in the corner. And she's reluctant to sell, 'till she understands what's behind it.
    Al: Why have you asked me?
    Hickok: She believes you'd know.
    (Cut to Al taking a shot.)
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  • Charlie visiting Hearst's room in the beginning of the final episode.
  • Jane saving Bullock in the movie. Doubly awesome as she both finally displays her skills as a gunfighter (an Informed Ability in the series) and saves a man from dying in the same way as Wild Bill.
  • Al's final Rage Against the Heavens at the end of the movie, described by several critics as among the greatest final lines ever. And given that this is likely David Milch's final project due to his Alzheimer's Disease, it's quite a fitting note to go out on.

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