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  • Mephiston:
    • He tears apart a Carnifex with his bare hands.
    • Conquering the Black Rage.
    • Beating M'Kar.
  • Lemartes:
    • His new model.
    • He still retains his mind, even though he is in the grip of the Black Rage.
  • Commander Dante:
    • A Space Marine that lived more than a thousand years? This is a universe where everything is trying to kill you, and even with constant fighting he is still alive.
    • Being chosen as the overall commander of the Second Armaggedon War.
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  • "For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my battle-brother eternal."
  • Rafen
  • Apothecary Meros
    • Carrying out a Heroic Sacrifice to contain the ragefire and prevent the Blood Angels from falling to Chaos. But not before removing his own geneseed for future use by the Blood Angels.
  • Sanguinius himself. As if first encounter with Ka'Bandha wasn't impressive enough, they meet again during Siege of Terra. The second time it was a Curb-Stomp Battle that ended with Bloodthirter's back being broken by the Primarch.
    • During the Siege of Terra, Sanguinius was constantly in a thick of fighting fending of traitor Astartes, daemons and his brothers for weeks. It is widely believed that if the Angel would have met Horus at his peek condition, the battle between them could have ended quite differently. note 
  • Sanguinor the Exemplar of the Host.
    • While no one really know what he is, he repeatedly appears out of nowhere to help the Blood Angels chapters in times of need. One such encounter ended with Sanguinor owning Ka'Bandha via grabbing the bloodthirster, carting him into orbit and then dropping him back onto the planet. Then he rose again and helped remaining Blood Angels finish off remains of the daemonic army of Ka'Bandha and seal the warp portal.

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