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  • One of the stories featured in the Beast Player Guide features a surprisingly touching, but pretty epic story about Syenah, a young Ugallu Nemesis from Iraq, who was separated from her parents while young and ended up joining an international medical aid organization. Eventually she was led to Iraq Kurdistan, where she ended up in the middle of a crisis involving a Beast who had gone psychotic and started feeding by hunting and killing everyone on its path, including other Beasts, which in addition to tearing the local Hive apart had brought a powerful Hero in the area. After several days spent healing her peers during the day while hunting the feral Beast at night, she ended up meeting the Hero… who turned out to be Merivan, her mother. In an impressive subversion of Heroes’ usual attitude toward Beast relatives, they ended up working together, with Merivan luring the feral Beast to them while Syenah assembled the Beasts she had healed, then had them rebuilt the Hive around her and acknowledge her as their leader, triggering her Incarnation. After the feral Beast was lured to the Hive, and taken down by the combined effort of a true Hero and a newborn Beast Incarnate, Syenah made her Legend into the Beast who heals and protects the innocents while punishing Beasts who abuse their powers, integrating her mother as part of it and making her a partner.
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  • In Conquering Heroes, Jean Lansberry, the only survivor from a hunter cell exterminated by the Insatiable Peter Slaughbal, successfully luring him into a trap and sealing him inside a painting, temporarily ending his evil. While Slaughbal did eventually get out, she managed to keep him there for around fifty years, and he is now a shadow of his former self, having lost his cult and the positive image clowns used to have due to the Monster Clown trope having become part of pop culture- not to mention the experience was so traumatic he is still terrified by the painting that sealed him to this date. As far as hunters go, this a quite impressive case of Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?.
  • One of the Heroes featured in Conquering Heroes, Marlena Sarcosa, is a single mother, and a rare case of relatively reasonable Hero who fights only to protect her family and the children in her community. A particularly stupid Namtaru thought it was a good idea to threaten her children in an attempt to use them as leverage against her; his body was found one piece at a time in the local river soon after. Don't mess with Marlena's family.

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