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Nightmare Fuel / Beast: The Primordial

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Do not fight a Beast on his Home turf.

  • Let's start with the fact that a Beast is literally a nightmare come to life. Remember some of the nightmares you had? Well, a Beast’s soul is literally formed from their essence.
  • The existence of Lairs, places that Should Not Be. And hints so far imply that Beasts can drag humans inside of them, trapping them inside the Beast's own personal world. Oh, and did we mention that, if you try to escape, some Lairs can lead you to The Hedge? Or The Shadow? Or even The Underworld?
    • To say nothing of the fact that, in its Lair, a Beast no longer has to bear the metaphysical weight of the human world. Meaning? It can revert to its true, terrifying form...
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    • Worse, a Beast needs not to actually drag you to its Lair in order to benefit from all these advantages. When they open a Primordial Pathway, they aren't using some form of portal, they are causing the location in the physical world to temporarily overlap with one of the Chambers in their Lair. Meaning for a moment, the place in the physical world becomes part of their Lair, allowing the Beast to benefit from all the Homefield Advantage and to revert to its true form. And don't bother trying to leave the area; all the exits will just lead you to a different Chamber, where you will be trapped when the Beast finally closes the Pathway, leaving you alone in the Lair as an easy bit of prey for her Horror...
    • Moreover, while it's easier for them to open a Pathway in the locations the Chambers of their Lairs are based on, they are not restricted to it. Any place can do the trick, as long as it shares even the slightest similarity with her Lair. A Makara's Lair looks like an underwater cave? She can opens a Pathway in a swimming pool, or any place where it's wet or dark enough. An Eshmaki's Lair is a gigantic maze? Any place with enough corridors and/or walls will do. It's incredibly easy for you to attack a Beast in a place resonant with her Lair without even noticing.
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    • And then there are the various traits a Lair can have. These include complete darkness, acid rain, sharp objects everywhere on the ground, bugs everywhere, and many, many more. A Lair is not a safe environment for a Beast's enemies.
  • Atavisms, powers that invoke a Begotten's true form and its physical abilities, are two different kinds of Nightmare Fuel. If you happen to be a supernatural individual yourself, the human disguise you see slips, and you see the seemingly normal guy turn into a dragon long enough to spit fire at you or a giant long enough to pick up a car and throw it. If you happen to be a hapless mortal, however, you don't see the Beast form... just the normal guy breathing fire or throwing a goddamn car at you.
  • Then you have their other set of powers, Nightmares, which basically consist of how they can Mind Rape you in various terrifying ways. All a Beast has to do is either touch or stare at you and speak a few words, and suddenly you fall under the illusion that your entire body is rotting away, have a vision of something so terrifying, your fright can cause you physical harm, the delusion that maggots and/or bugs covering your entire body and/or be overcome with the conviction that your entire life is meaningless, to give a few examples. Oh, and they can create more of these by taking inspiration from other supernaturals. A Beast who spends some time with vampires can learn to transmit Nightmares to people through her blood rather than a stare or contact, while one who hangs out with werewolves will be able to cause victims to randomly suffer psychotic rages and attack everyone in sight. Those who associate with mummies can develop a Nightmare inflicting Laser-Guided Amnesia.
  • The fact Slashers do trigger Kinship with Beasts is all kind of disturbing, even in-universe. Keep in mind Slashers are overall still humans, and many of them don't even have supernatural powers. Yet they are still monstrous enough that Beasts actually feel like they belong in the Dark Mother's family.
  • The only thing worse than the Beasts are the Heroes that fight them. At least in the Beast's case, they don't mean to hurt people (sometimes) and usually ‘’try’’ to limit collateral damage; but the Heroes are more than willing to kill people if it means getting to the Beast, and are firmly convinced that they are the main characters of a story that operates on Protagonist-Centered Morality. Even Hunters think these guys are insane.
  • Each Inheritance a Beast can have is its own kind of scary:
    • The Retreat happens when a Beast abandons her human part to become her Soul/Horror alone, leaving nothing but an Ephemeral incarnation of a nightmare who wanders in the Primordial Dream and might retain some memories and personality of its former self. What makes it actually scary, however, is that this usually doesn't happen on purpose: any Beast can go through this Inheritance against her will if she is killed while separated from her Horror (usually when she has fed well enough that her Horror goes back to sleep, leaving her temporarily Brought Down to Normal). Better be careful to not raise your Satiety meter too high...
    • The Merger is what happens when a Beast decides to stick to the physical world so hard she pulls her Horror into it and literally merges with it, warping its body in the process. The resulting creature is a usually mindless monster with no humanity left who becomes obsessed with satisfying its hunger in the most primal way. And unlike the Retreat, we are not talking about an Ephemeral Being here; the Merged Beast is a one hundred percent physical monster who can and will most likely hurt you if you cross its path. Worse, their mere presence warps the landscape around their territory over time to reflect them, essentially turning it into a physical version of their old Lair, and attract supernaturals.
    • The Beast Incarnate, perhaps the scariest of the three, has the Beast subvert its Legend to become a true Myth, turning into an even more powerful version of itself. It can now switch at will between its human and monster forms without bothering to open a Primordial Pathway, travel to the Primordial Dream no matter where it is, and perhaps the scariest of all "shut down" Heroes. This is the good end Inheritance, as while the Beast is not human anymore in any way, their conscience survives the transition and merges with their Legend to become a Myth-their brand new role and position as a monster-god. But the worst part about it is how you ascend to it: at best, aside from having at least Lair 8, you can do it by defeating a Hero in such a one-sided way that he is made irrelevant in your Myth, or become the leader of a Hive... or you can spread your Myth by feeding in a particularly spectacular and brutal way (such as killing a lot of people) in order to mark everyone.
      • To illustrate the horror the last one implies, we get a text describing a method used by a Beast to reach the Beast Incarnate: it makes a cave its home, spreads stories to attract people, then whenever people come to visit it, kills or makes some of them disappear while letting the others go on the condition they will talk about what they saw to someone else, spreading the story. Rinse and repeat.
      • Also, keep in mind that nothing stops the Incarnate from being pretty damn evil in the first place. Conquering Heroes has Luca Rohner, an Incarnate Eshmaki who had his Devouring in childhood, and from the instant he realized he could become more powerful by being a bully, he became one of the worst Ravagers to ever live, eventually having his Incarnation in college. Today, he's essentially the ruler of Zurich's supernatural community, and he's well-known for his feeding strategy; he waits for some poor sucker to come to him for financial investment, or some intern who wants him as a mentor-the more promising, the better. Then, slowly, he takes his clients and students apart, piece by excruciating piece, watching as they slowly fall apart meeting his deliberately impossible standards and keep on losing due to his hidden hand, all in the promise it will be worth it...and then once he's had his fill, he yanks it away, finding the Despair Event Horizon a fine dessert (he especially loves the taste of someone being Driven to Suicide). And everything he does is perfectly legal; he's so powerful in his mundane life he doesn't even need to use his supernatural abilities to have food just walk into his waiting claws.
    • The Divergence results in complete severance of the Beast and Horror. The way this is achieved? The Beast starves its Horror until the two fall on each other, consuming one another. Worse, the two aren’t completely separate, and the Horror usually finds the Beast an annoyance...
    • Erasure is when a Beast destroys its Horror completely. It starts with stealing a soul from another human, and ends with killing its own Horror. It’s noted that some outsource this to other Beasts...or Heroes...
    • Speaking of Heroes, Beasts can become them in an Inheretance called Inversion. The Beast finds an Anathema for its Horror, then uses it to keep the Horror near death while drawing power from it. The Beast now acts a lot like a Hero, stalking and killing others like a serial killer. And she has access to both Nightmares, Atavisms and Anathemea.
  • Conquering Heroes adds the Insatiable, aka what would happen if Beasts didn't have even the barest scrap of humanity remaining. They inflict a Hate Plague on the world by simply eating, because they have to eat humans in order to feast on them-preventing their fears from joining the Primordial Dream, allowing spiritual entities to access the physical world more easily. In effect, they Mind Rape humanity's subconscious just by existing. They see Horrors and Beasts as upstart prey who just exist as a source of good homes by stealing their Lairs, and their true forms are so estranged from humanity that mortals are driven mad with fear and confusion upon seeing them-and have a significant chance of doing that to supernatural beings, too! Each of the examples is pretty terrifying in their own way, too;
    • The Authority, a cruel overlord of all the crime in his city who came into his power in childhood, learning he could turn his body into molten lava and using it to gleefully murder his bullies in the most painful way possible. He's since become the nearly faceless lord of pretty much every supernatural faction in his home simply out of raw power and the fear people have of him.
    • The Blind Man, perhaps the oldest Insatiable alive today, having been around since at least the Achaemenid Empire. While he acts like he just has Blue and Orange Morality, in truth that's just an expression of his Hunger for Prey; he knows fully well how unsettling he is and acts deliberately insane to really sweeten the fear of his eventual meals. That, and the fact he has insects for eyes, would be bad enough, except there's a reason he's constantly having a damp stain around his chest; he's laying eggs constantly from his navel, eggs he claims are nothing less than pieces of the Primogenitor that one day will all hatch simultaneously and unleash an even more Eldritch Abomination on the world than any of his brethren. You do not want to know what happens if you eat one-and he's good at tricking people into eating them anyway.
    • Null Snyper, a vicious Troll and psychotic cyberbully who transformed into a Void Insatiable when she realized she drove a friend of hers to suicide with her caustic commentary...and loved every minute of it. She's become a digital spider fit for being the ultimate Internet predator, ruining lives from the safety of her Hacker Cave; she's long figured out how to turn the worst elements of hacker and especially Men's Rights Activist culture to her advantage, realizing she can create an army of borderline sociopathic minions simply by posting the right rant, and relaxing while her pawns gradually tear apart some poor sap's life because they can. Even worse, she never needs to leave; she's realized she can inflict Nightmares over things like Skype and so long as she's observing someone take their own life or lose it in some other way due to her manipulations, she can eat almost as well as if she was there. Her only limitation is that she's terrified of leaving her house, and as she gets physically hungrier, that is going to change...
    • Peter Slaughbal, a circus clown from the 50s-60s who at his first presentation developped a creepy obsession for one of the women in the audience, and started creepily stalking her, eventually culminating in him luring her in the hall of mirrors and devouring her. He then made a routine of picking a prey in the audience, all while gradually corrupting the rest of the circus and turning them into his personal cult of helpers. Eventually a cell of hunters discovered and confronted him, only for all of them but one to get slaughtered. The surviving one, Jean Lansberry, eventually came back for revenge, and managed to defeat him by trapping him inside a painting, which she kept for fifty years- until she succumbed to Alzheimer, eventuallly resulting in her brother's grandson and his wife accidentally freeing Slaughbal after they inherited the house. The Insatiable immediately stalked and devoured them. Now a shadow of his former self, he travels from town to town, presenting himself at parties where he looks for people going home alone to stalk and devour.

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