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  • Spoilers from the in-progress draft of 2nd Edition have really impressed the fact that you managed to break free of your Durance is an Awesome Moment. To put it bluntly, Changelings in Arcadia don't have Seemings...because Seemings are born from the method you escaped by. To reiterate; you were so badass you literally stole a bit of Fae nature for yourself because you were that awesome.
    • Apparently, everyone who has supernatural fae power has done something Awesome; the "ghoul" template for changelings, Fae-Touched, are those mortals who once made a promise (a declaration of undying love, a vow to protect and always be there for a child, or even a causal agreement to meet a friend at a certain time and place) to someone who ended up being taken by the Gentry...and ended up trying to keep it anyway, breaking into the Hedge in the process. That isn't (inherently) the Awesome bit, although said break ends up giving their friend an opportunity to escape. The Awesome bit comes from the fact that being Fae-Touched doesn't give you the ability to exit the Hedge...and the ones who are playable got out anyway. Yeah, being one often sucks (the Hedge wants you back, you're always a bit touched, the Glamor in your blood is toxic to humans), but still, props for the self-promotion.
  • The 2E corebook provides short fictions describing each Court in action, displaying each their moment of awesome against Huntsmen:
    • The Court of Spring involves a Huntsman trying to intimidate a dancer by showing up in the name of her Keeper... only to be left dumbfounded when she doesn't even seem to recognize her Keeper's image and just asks him if she knows him.
    • The Summer Court has the Huntsman attack a group of Changelings and quickly take down all the bulkier and more threatening-looking members of the group, while leaving the seemingly harmless maiden... only for her to pull out a blade almost as long as he is and aim it at his throat. While casually informing him said sword used to be a knife the size of her finger when she started sharpening it.
    • The Autumn Court has a Changeling witch use a spell to summon the vengeful souls of all the animals the Huntsman slayed to make his attire, causing his own clothes to turn against him.
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    • The Winter Court has the Huntsman's hounds go around hunting to find... nothing. The Courtiers have already left by the time they arrive, leaving nothing but a mask that quickly fades out.


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