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  • The existence of the game at all. What makes this a CMOA is that this whole thing is made and maintained by one guy; Chinese developer Fenglee.
  • Relatedly; the two videos of the boys at Node playing it. The first one showing the game's lethality as all but Clint are taken out one by one. That's when the awesome starts, as Clint singlehandedly wipes out at least ten Titans before being taken down. Their second attempt shows that they learned from their mistakes as they stick together and use co-ordination that even the Survey Corps would be proud of. They take down all 32 Titans and only lose one of their own. It's even better when you remember that early in the manga, it was stated that on average, 30 humans would die for each Titan that was killed.
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  • CryziesX is one of the most badass AOT players on Youtube. His skills with Levi do the original serious justice and must be seen to be believed.
  • Another one for Fenglee, managing to add a boss level for the Female Titan into the game in the most recent update. It is markedly different from the majority of the game, as normally, your are stuck in the village while it is overrun with Titans. Whereas in the boss level, you are in the forest where everyone goes to try and capture the Female Titan. You have trees to use as vantage points (so can she), and she needs a whopping 1000 health taken away from her neck to be taken down, and her ankles (which you can hit to get her on her knees and make her defenseless) can take even more. She is also constantly using martial arts, which gives her sweeping kicks and scythe hands, so it make the whole thing that much harder. And after she is killed, the whole area gets ''filled with Titans."
    • Another Node example relating to the above: Throughout most of this video, the LAN Party are constantly dying against the Female Titan, including one memorable instance of Sam as Eren trying to take her on in Titan mode and getting utterly massacred. But, at the 24th attempt, after everyone else has died, Niko (skip to 9:24) manages to kill the Female Titan on his own, and takes down 2 more Titans before he is bitten and dies.
    • The awesome continues as Fenglee adds The Colossal Titan mode, allowing you to take down the gigantic bastard as you defend the city.
    • And now the recovery of Trost where the players have to defend the AI-controlled Titan Eren as he carries the boulder through the city to block the breach.
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  • The first time you clear a stage. See, the game is extremely difficult, but only for beginners — the learning curve is quite steep, but with practice, it becomes easy. Still, it'll be quite a while before you're actually able to kill all sixteen/thirty-two Titans in a level by yourself without dying.
  • A good crawler kill tends to be this. It generally involves dropping down onto the back of the Titan, hooking on, and "riding" it, taking care not to get thrown off (the crawlers have a basically instantaneous turn rate, so if you're behind their head, they'll start spinning in place and you'll go flying, cables or no cables. You have to make sure you position yourself far enough forward so that you register as ahead of the Titan, making them continue to run into whatever wall or tree you're using, but not too far forward, or you'll slip down into its mouth killzone and get trampled), then hitting the nape of the neck, which tends to be situated deep in a nook between the back and the head.
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  • A clean, high-damage kill. The key to getting higher damage values is making sure that you don't run into the collision geometry of the Titan prior to striking, so getting the precise angle of attack and positioning right is exhilarating.
  • Mikasa's special attack causes you to drop down until you hit something. This can be done from any altitude.
  • The moment you realize that Sasha's ability is not an escape tactic at all, and can be used to run between a titan's legs to get behind it.
  • During none of their animations are titans granted a single second of invulnerability. It is possible to kill one in midair to keep it from bringing down a teammate.
  • An ingame awesome moment for single player is when you kill an entire map of titans, especially with abnormals and definitely crawlers, as a custom character. not only because of the difficulty of the game but because of your character's reputation. Depending on their military class a custom character can be an unskilled trainee, a badass survey corps member or a member of the garrison/ military police who are often considered unskilled and lazy.

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