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YMMV / Attack On Titan Tribute Game

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  • Demonic Spiders:
    • The Abnormal Titans were originally this, running at high speeds and bellyflopping the player. As the playerbase became more experienced, this became less of an issue...until crawling Titans were added. These crawl toward the player at truly ridiculous speeds, and are capable of jumping. These things can snipe you out of the air if you're more than a few meters above it.
    • Small crawlers are especially horrid, as it is difficult to deal with them without falling off of their backs or flying high enough that they will jump at you (the minimum height to trigger a jump is based on the titan's size).
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    • The Jumper titan can fly even higher than crawlers, and is not otherwise discernible from a "normal" Aberrant.
    • Punk Titans, identified by their bright mohawks, throw rocks like the Beast Titan in the manga, cover their necks like the Female Titan, run at Aberrant speeds and have several variations of flailing attack that can swat the players out of the air like flies. When they were initially introduced, they could throw rocks that clipped through solid buildings and trees in any direction regardless of where they were facing.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: It's considered one of the best Spiderman games ever made.
  • That One Attack:
    • The Titans have a certain move that involves slapping the air twice, then slamming the ground. It's known to the fanbase as the Kung Fu attack. If the player is basically anywhere in front of the Titan when this happens, they will die. And it happens instantly, with no warning and no sound effect to let the player know.
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    • Player titans have access to a modified version of the bellyflop attack which will kill you even if you are above or to the side of the titan as it lands. They will spam it.

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