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A tribute Action Game adaptation of Attack on Titan, found online here, or downloadable here, created by a Chinese developer named Feng Lee. It began as a basic game with rather bad graphics (the Titans looked like blobs of dough!), but advanced gameplay, with a relatively accurate depiction of 3-Dimensional Maneuver Gear. Over time, it was slowly developed into a much more complex work. The game is still in the process of development as of this writing (that is, not in its final form), but is playable as-is.

The current playable character list is as follows, in order of introduction: Mikasa, Levi, Armin, Jean, Marco, Eren, Petra, and Sasha.

A later update that allows character customization gives models for most of the named characters and makes it possible to build nearly any other, as well. However, these characters do not have unique stats or abilities.

This work provides examples of:

  • Action Game: You swing around and fight Titans.
  • Art Evolution:
    • Compare the alpha versions of the Titans to the ones running around in later updates.
    • This also applies to the player characters—all of them are higher resolution than they were when the game was introduced. Also, the camera has been updated to swing with the motion of the characters on their 3DMG lines, and the 3DMG creates sparks when the characters are sliding along the ground.
  • Attack Its Weak Point:
    • As per canon, the Titans are only vulnerable (to any meaningful extent) to a killing strike at the nape of the neck. A major update allowed players to temporarily blind Titans as well.
    • This is actually a key component of the Female Titan fight: in order to make her neck easier to attack, players can bring her to her knees by attacking her ankles. She can be damaged without doing so, but it's much riskier.
    • A later update added the ability to do this to normal Titans as well, doing so will cause them to drop to the ground and stop attacking for a very brief moment.
  • Boss Battle: The Female Titan and the Colossal Titan both dominate their eponymous stages, and have over a thousand hit points each.
  • Colossus Climb: Unsurprisingly, fighting the Colossal Titan requires the use of this tactic. However, it moves so often and so unpredictably that scaling it requires a lot of patience.
  • Death from Above:
    • Mikasa's special ability allows her to attack from directly above a Titan, slicing downward like a guillotine.
    • This is actually the name of a standardized technique, involving flying up and over a Titan's head and swinging down toward the neck.
  • The Dreaded: Player-controlled titans.
  • Elite Mooks:
    • Abnormal/Aberrant Titans, which are often capable of running and jumping to snap an unsuspecting player out of the air. Crawling Aberrant Titans have a land speed advantage over almost everything in the game and are capable of trampling players. As well, a later update added Punk Titans. Despite their heads sporting large, brightly colored mohawks, they're some of the most dangerous Titans in the game thanks to their lightning-fast speed and ability to hurl lethally accurate boulders over a very long distance.
    • The addition of player-titans has taken this to a new extreme.
  • Escort Mission: Like in the series, one stage is focused on having the player characters guard the Rogue Titan as it carries a massive boulder to block a breach in the Trost District's wall.
  • Fishing for Mooks: Sometimes the best tactic is to draw one Titan away from a massive pack in order to take it down without distractions. Made easier with Marco's special ability, which draws aggro from any Titan in range.
  • Glass Cannon: Most characters can mow through Titans when used by a skilled player...which still doesn't mean they have any more hit points than anyone else.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: See Overdrawn at the Blood Bank below.
  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: Getting slapped, squished, bitten, or otherwise attacked by a Titan is instantly fatal for most characters.
  • Overdrawn at the Blood Bank: Dying via being bitten results in a blood spurt larger than the player character. Dying any other way involves limbs flying everywhere and blood fountains.
  • Road Runner PC: The players' main advantage is the truly insane speed edge they have over the (mostly) ground-bound Titans. This is entirely necessary.
  • Rule of Fun: Armin being able to dance and make Titans laugh makes absolutely no sense, but it works as a gameplay mechanic. It represents his tactical genius, and is actually a more powerful variant of Marco's taunt (stopping the titans completely instead of merely distracting), even affecting aberrant titans and the Female Titan (albeit for a much shorter duration), where as Marco's taunt only works on regular titans. But since Armin has the worst stats in every category, it actually does make sense that he would have a powerful Support ability (just as he is in the series).
  • Shown Their Work: Almost everything about the characters' combat styles references the show in some way:
    • Levi's propensity for Spin Attacks and aloof attitude means his special is about killing Titans as fast and efficiently as possible—hence why he can perform a drive-by kill where most other characters have to stop.
    • Petra's spin attack is used to blind the Female Titan. It is very good for blinding non-boss titans in the game.
    • Mikasa uses gas and blades faster than anyone else, referencing her god-awful resource conservation in the Trost arc (breaking her blades on a single titan and then being the first to blow away her gas stores).
    • Eren's special is transforming into the Rogue Titan and going to town. He's not invulnerable, but his kill rate is almost guaranteed to be higher than other characters.
    • Marco's ability to draw Titans is based on how he distracted a Titan for Jean's sake in episode 8.
    • Jean's passive abilities—lower fuel consumption and the power to break out of a Titan's grip by slicing its hand—are based on episode 5 and 8. The gas conservation is actually a reference to the training arc where he mentions offhand (in order to impress Mikasa, due to her deficiency in this area) a technique he invented to conserve gas that involves releasing it in short bursts. Ironically, this mechanic was later implemented in game for everyone and is the single largest gas-guzzler so far.
    • Sasha's potato special and subsequent Super-Speed are based on a gag scene from the original work.
    • The Female Titan is the only Titan to have an actual human fighting style, complete with roundhouse kicks and blind-fighting when her eyes are stabbed out. She can be brought down by attacking her ankles, and her neck is hardened enough to shatter blades after one use.
    • The dodge move is identical to the flip that Jean performs in slow-motion in the opening.
  • Spin Attack: Levi and Petra both have one as a special attack. Levi's is horizontal, meaning that he can swing by a Titan's neck and kill without losing momentum, while Petra's version is more like Sonic's and she can initiate the attack from further away (which means a higher potential score with less fuss).
  • Super-Deformed: The playable characters (and the Titans as well, but this is less artistic and more...well...) are done in chibi style. This has apparently been a matter of some controversy.
  • Super Mode: Players who choose Eren can turn into the Rogue Titan, which lasts about thirty seconds. In this form, he's mostly immune to attack and can kill shorter Titans (including crawling Aberrants) by punting them across the stage, while all other Titans take three punches, or rather, can only be killed by the third punch in the three-strike combo (it doesn't matter if the first two land). This mode does not work on boss Titans like the Female Titan.
  • Super-Speed: Sasha's special ability involves eating a potato and somehow ending up with the ability to outrun Titans on the ground.
  • Timed Mission: Players can set time limits for every stage.