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Awesome / Anne Frank: The Whole Story

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  • Hannah Taylor-Gordon's performance. For 3 hours she is Anne Frank.
  • Otto Frank, serving as sometimes the sole voice of reason among the Secret Annex occupants.
  • Edith Frank has a few of these moments:
    • Giving a short "Reason You Suck" Speech to Mrs. Van Daan's face after a few years of putting up with her Drama Queen ways.
    • Tearing off the red "criminal" patches of her and her family's clothing because she refuses to be seen as a common criminal.
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    • When a cynical prisoner is tattooing Anne and telling the poor girl that their male relatives likely went into the gas chambers, Edith loudly proclaims "Don't listen to her Anne".
    • After she and Margot were previously chosen to go to another camp, they hear that Anne won't be allowed with them due to her scabies. Edith, a Jewish Prisoner to a Nazi, tells him she will stay with both her children, Margot later states she has scabies herself.

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