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Awesome / Annie (1982)

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  • Annie, after escaping the orphanage, finds a police officer following her. How does she escape from him: by hiding behind some rabbis who don't notice her. The cop does not notice this and continues to run!
  • And not long afterwards, she takes on a bunch of boys harassing Sandy. She's badass enough to send them fleeing.
  • The Bolsheviks' attempt to assassinate Mr. Warbucks is one for both Warbucks and his bodyguards: Punjab throws the assassin's bomb away and casually straightens his shirt even as the thing goes off right behind him, followed by Asp proceeding to beat the crap out of the assassin, with a bit of help from Sandy. Throughout this, Warbucks continues his telephone call, barely reacting at all to the whole affair.
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  • The orphans escaping the closet they've been locked into and then proceeding to walk all the way to Warbucks' house to warn him.
  • Punjab's Big Damn Heroes moment at the end, saving Annie from Rooster.

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