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  • The Choose Your Own Adventure books have a share of endings that follow this trope:
    • In The Mystery of Chimney Rock, being turned into a mouse (after eating cheese and crackers laced with a magic spell) or — after cast with a spell — being forced to pick up the pieces of a Chinese cat the protagonist accidentally broke ... only to find he'll never finish the job. There are also endings where the main protagonist's cousin, Jane, is left to suffer a horrifying (unknown) fate.
    • Being transformed by a forest witch into a tree blind and without losing your consciousness.
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    • In War with the Mutant Spider Ants, you can investigate a nest of said spider ants. Suddenly, a swarm of them attacks you and your crew, wrapping you up in their webs until none of you can move more than "mummies in a tomb.".
    • Being in Secret of the Pyramids, possessed by something that forces you to step into a sarcophagus and buries you alive.
  • In the book The Wicked Wax Museum of Give Yourself Goosebumps you can end up as scattered body parts alive and aware.
    • in The Curse of the Creeping Coffin, you can end up being turned into a statue. A man sees you, sells you to a gardening store and your grandma sees you and takes you home because you look so much like her disappeared grandchild. She returns you to her backyard/haunted graveyard where two of the ghosts turn you into their plaything forever.
  • From The Time Raider of the "Twistaplot" series:
    • "Oh, no! You're stuck in a time warp! (turn to page -number-, quick!)" *flip* "Nothing warps the human brain faster than a time warp. (turn to page -number-)" *flip back* "Oh, no! You're stuck in a time warp! ..."
  • Fighting Fantasy goes really creative with these endings. While Non Standard Game Over scenarios where the player hero turns into an animal are common, there are also several endings where you get turned into inanimate objects, but are fully aware of your surroundings, including...
  • The Star Challenge series has some And I Must Scream moments, too:
    • Falling into bottomless pits.
    • Being converted into a mutant freak to be used as a park attraction.
    • Stranded in orbit around a planet on a ship will all of its controls destroyed.
    • Living forever in the inside of a... thing that feeds on stars and being unable to leave it.
    • Trapped between two universes.
    • Jailed and having as guardian a robot that will not even feed you until its captain orders so -captain that will not exist for decades-.
    • Your mind swapped by the one of the sole alien living in an alternate dimension, and being condemned to remain there forever.
    • Having your brains and eyes removed from your body and inserted into an armor by an alien who collects heroes (or rather their brains, as they're far easier to maintain).
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    • Becoming a kind of living flame and being unable to leave the planet, as that would kill you.
    • Being converted into a plant-like alien of the Andromeda Galaxy and being unable to depart to the Milky Way.
    • Your body disappearing, rendering you invisible.


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