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  • The Choose Your Own Adventure books have a share of endings that follow this trope:
    • In The Mystery of Chimney Rock, being turned into a mouse (after eating cheese and crackers laced with a magic spell) or — after cast with a spell — being forced to pick up the pieces of a Chinese cat the protagonist accidentally broke ... only to find he'll never finish the job. There are also endings where the main protagonist's cousin, Jane, is left to suffer a horrifying (unknown) fate.
    • Being transformed by a forest witch into a tree blind and without losing your consciousness.
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    • In War with the Mutant Spider Ants, you can investigate a nest of said spider ants. Suddenly, a swarm of them attacks you and your crew, wrapping you up in their webs until none of you can move more than "mummies in a tomb.".
    • Being in Secret of the Pyramids, possessed by something that forces you to step into a sarcophagus and buries you alive.
  • In the book The Wicked Wax Museum of Give Yourself Goosebumps you can end up as scattered body parts alive and aware.
    • in The Curse of the Creeping Coffin, you can end up being turned into a statue. A man sees you, sells you to a gardening store and your grandma sees you and takes you home because you look so much like her disappeared grandchild. She returns you to her backyard/haunted graveyard where two of the ghosts turn you into their plaything forever.
  • From The Time Raider of the "Twistaplot" series:
    • "Oh, no! You're stuck in a time warp! (turn to page -number-, quick!)" *flip* "Nothing warps the human brain faster than a time warp. (turn to page -number-)" *flip back* "Oh, no! You're stuck in a time warp! ..."
  • The Star Challenge series has some And I Must Scream moments, too:
    • Falling into bottomless pits.
    • Being converted into a mutant freak to be used as a park attraction.
    • Stranded in orbit around a planet on a ship will all of its controls destroyed.
    • Living forever in the inside of a... thing that feeds on stars and being unable to leave it.
    • Trapped between two universes.
    • Jailed and having as guardian a robot that will not even feed you until its captain orders so -captain that will not exist for decades-.
    • Your mind swapped by the one of the sole alien living in an alternate dimension, and being condemned to remain there forever.
    • Having your brains and eyes removed from your body and inserted into an armor by an alien who collects heroes (or rather their brains, as they're far easier to maintain).
    • Becoming a kind of living flame and being unable to leave the planet, as that would kill you.
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    • Being converted into a plant-like alien of the Andromeda Galaxy and being unable to depart to the Milky Way.
    • Your body disappearing, rendering you invisible.


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