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Advertising / Schick Intuition

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Schick Intuition is a razor that was first shown off in 2003. Designed to lather and shave in one simple step, this razor was said to make women's lives more simpler. It sold very well and helped Schick rise in the shaving department.

A campaign was released in 2003. While a new one was released in 2016.

This ad has the following tropes:

  • Prat Fall: The third woman suffers this fate. When trying to shave her legs on her bathroom sink, her foot slips, causing her to topple to the floor.
  • Slippery Soap: This happens to the woman in the bathtub. As she's trying to lather her legs with a bar of soap, only for it to slip out of her hands and fall to the floor.
  • Oh, Crap!: The raven hair woman. when she realizes she's about to fall to the floor, She has a rather fearful look before falling.
  • Didn't Think This Through: While the women in this commercial could all count, special mention goes to the raven hair woman. She attempts to shave her leg on her bathroom sink, while talking on her phone. Problem with this, is that she's so focused on talking on the phone, that she doesn't realize she's wobbling and losing her balance, until it's too late. Not to mention, is that she uses her left hand to put her cell phone on her right ear, while using her right hand to use her razor. Meaning she has no way to grab the sink to regain her balance. She does seem to realize this as, she sees her foot is about to slip off the sink. But at that point, her fate has been sealed.
  • Offscreen Crash: This happens to the third woman. When she attempt to shave her legs on the sink, She starts wobbling. She tries to save herself by reaching for the edge of the sink. But her foot slips off. Resulting in her falling. When she falls out of view of the camera, a loud crashing thud can be heard.
  • Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket: The three women in the 2003 commercial has them trying to use their old fashioned razors in rather stupid ways.
    • The woman in the shower attempts to apply shaving cream to her leg. All fine and good... except she shakes the can, not thinking that doing so could cause the can to act up. Sure enough, the can backfires into her face, spraying shaving cream in all over her.
    • The woman in the bathtub tries to use soap to lather her leg. Completely forgetting that soap is Slipperly and hard to control. The soap ends up slipping out of her hands and onto the floor.
    • The woman shaving her legs on the sink is the most glaring one. She tries to shave her legs and talk on the phone, not realizing how stupid this is. Her talking on the phone ends up screwing with her concentration and causes her to wobble. Even when she sees she's losing her balance, She still tries to talk on the phone while shaving. Unsurprisingly, she falls over because of her stupidity.