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TV Tropes offers the option to upload a video when you are editing a trope page. You need to click on "Edit videos", then on "Upload video" on the page that opens. Then you fill in the fields with a title, a description of what the video shows, and the work(s) it comes from. The function is somewhat fickle, so don't close the window while it's uploading. If it hangs, try again after a few minutes. And don't put special characters anywhere, they might break the upload.

If you have a problem or question, you can post it here.

What goes:

Entries that illustrate tropes which have examples. This is after all about illustrating tropes. Also, that works best when the video is not over 150 seconds (2:30 minutes) long, although try to keep uploads as concise as possible (i.e. only excerpt what is needed to illustrate the trope/s). .avi and .mp4 are the preferred formats.

What doesn't go:

  • Videos that only make sense to people familiar with the work.
  • Copyright violations that cannot be justified under Fair Use. This includes entire trailers and clips that make up a large proportion of the original video.
  • Watermarks (channel bugs from official sources are allowed).
  • Adult content (videos from sources that violate our content policy are not allowed, even if there isn't any adult content in the footage).
  • Massive, series-wide spoilers (including entries on tropes that are Spoilers Off).
  • Any content that is actually dangerous for the health of yourself or others, such as Epileptic Flashing Lights (that trope — along with a few others — doesn't allow any videos in the first place, either).
  • Videos in languages that are not English and don't have English subtitles (if the dialogue is important to the illustration).
  • Duplicate videos. Please exercise due diligence and ensure your upload isn't already an existing video on the site — check the Video Examples tab of both work and trope.
  • Mentioning that a video also provides the image or quote in the description. As stated on How to Write an Example (under "Example Don'ts"): "TV Tropes is a wiki, and wikis change constantly. So don't have an example specifically refer to information elsewhere on the page."
  • For videos from fan works, listing the canon work as a media source, unless actual footage from it is used in the video. For example, most DEATH BATTLE! videos should only list DEATH BATTLE! as a media source, not the fighters' official works.
  • Videos for Audience Reactions that don't feature an audience reacting to the trope.
  • Videos that only feature one side of the trope. For example, Dark Reprise videos that only show the reprise and not the original song. Some tropes need a juxtaposition of two different scenes in order to illustrate the trope.

Video Sourcing

  • When sourcing videos please make sure to add the page's main title to the source. Please don't use redirects as sources because the video will not be accessible on the main article.
  • Videos attach themselves to the WikiWord, not the namespace and the wikiword. As a result:
  • Please do not link to character sheets as a Video Source. Creator pages can be linked in cases of career-spanning videos, or if their Creator/ page also acts as the landing page for their work (for example, many stand-up comedy sets are troped on Creator pages).
  • Useful Notes should not be used as sources because their purpose on the wiki is to help understand writing conventions. A video can depict a Useful Note topic, but it cannot be said to be "from" that Useful Note topic.
  • While video sources do not need to be from a work with an existing wiki page, it is encouraged that you list the source in the description of the video if there is no work page to link. Videos without a source are listed here.

We have moderators and engineers who have to approve a video before it shows, and can remove it if it breaks these rules. You can alert them here.

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