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  • Niko from Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, who also had Psychic Powers. Galaxy Rangers also boasted Action Girl recurring characters like Princess Maya, Annie O, and Audra Miles.
  • All of the girls from Adventure Time. Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Fionna, Flame Princess, Betty...
  • Princess Jasmine is more of a Damsel out of Distress than a proper Action Girl in Aladdin. However, in the TV show spinoff, she graduates to this trope.
  • Clover on All Hail King Julien serves as Julien's body guard and special ops.
  • Lioness from Alpha Teens on Machines.
  • Rose from American Dragon: Jake Long. She is actually a highly skilled hunter, trained by the Huntsclan to fight and slay dragons.
  • Lana from Archer.
    • Also, weirdly, Malory and Pam.
  • Atomic Betty
  • Elise of Dan Vs. as Action Wife. Which is why Dan doesn't add her to his revenge list. He's too scared of her.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has a lot of them:
    • Toph is a small blind girl who is introduced beating up a large earthbender named: "The Boulder", and later defeats him, and a bunch of other wrestlers, easily.
    • Katara started off as incompetent but as the series went on she graduated to Master Waterbender and full on Action Girl.
    • Suki and her Kyoshi warriors, who were inspired by...
    • Avatar Kyoshi, who created an island by splitting it off from the continent during a battle.
    • Avatar Yanchan is never seen fighting, but as an Avatar can be presumed to be this.
    • Any female character is awesome in their own right, like Azula's Quirky Miniboss Squad. And while Ursa and Kya aren't really fighters, the sacrifices they made are admirable. Yue would've approved.
  • Sequel Series The Legend of Korra has a few as well.
    • Korra the current Avatar, a Child Prodigy, Lightning Bruiser and Spirited Competitor when wielding her considerable Elemental Powers.
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    • Chief Lin Bei Fong: Head of Republic City police, metal bender and Toph's daughter.
    • Korra also has Asami, a continuation of the Avatar 'verse's Badass Normal tradition and Korra's eventual girlfriend in the bargain. She's a polite young lady living in Republic City, and has had extensive self-defense training.
    • The two little Airbending girls, Jinora and Ikki. With their creative air-bending they make fine fighters.
    • Katara's daughter, Kya, a master Waterbender like her mother.
    • Suyin Bei Fong, Toph's other daughter. As tough as her sister with a less traditional fighting style.
    • Suyin's daughter, Opal, grew into one once she got the hang of her Airbending.
  • Uniqua and Tasha from The Backyardigans are preschool-friendly action girls.
  • Carbine, a recurring character on Biker Mice from Mars.
  • Beth Tezuka from Bravest Warriors. She frequently fights alien monsters with her teammates.
  • Mira Nova, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
  • Shao Lin from Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys.
  • Chaotic.
    • Sara. Admittedly, she looks like the Faux Action Girl for most of the first season, and is quickly defeated in the first battle she has, but the first battle of hers that the viewer actually sees is one of the most intense combats in the series up to that point.
    • Some female creatures on the show also provide examples, such as Intress, Laarina, and Takinom.
  • Gadget from Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers can turn into one if need be, especially in "The Case of the Cola Cult".
  • Yumi Ishiyama from Code Lyoko. Aelita also grows into one throughout the series, to settle it starting Season 3.
  • The girls of the Codename: Kids Next Door, including Numbuh Three (Kuki Sanban), Numbuh Five (Abigail Lincoln) and Numbuh Three Sixty Two (Racheal McKenzie).
  • Valerie Gray from Danny Phantom. She's been stated as a ninth-degree martial artist despite being only 14.
  • Candy from Dave the Barbarian. Sometimes parodied, sometimes played straight. Also Fang, Candy's much more aggressive younger sister.
  • The Dragon Prince has several examples. First we see the elven assassin Rayla. She is a 15-year-old girl, but more than capable of fighting against adult men and even against other elven assassins. She travels with two boys, and in her group she is undoubtedly the fighter who protects the boys.
    • And there is also Claudia. While she is a witch rather than a fighter, she is still courageous and does not fear dangers. After the end of the second season, she is probably more in the direction of Dark Action Girl.
    • Amaya is even a general, and a good example for Badass Normal. She can not only hold well against elven fighters, but is also by far the strongest fighter among the soldiers.
    • A flashback shows her sister Sarai, who was even superior in martial arts to her husband, King Harrow. How badass she really is, is shown by the fact that she is fighting a dragon so that her husband, his court magician and a group of injured soldiers can escape.
    • Queen Aanya is later shown to be a fantastic archer, using that skill to take down super-powered monster soldiers in a huge battle.
    • Later seasons can show more examples because gender plays no role in the assassins and soldiers.
  • Diana the Acrobat in Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Kylie Griffin from Extreme Ghostbusters.
  • Leela from Futurama. Easily the most badass person on the crew.
  • Elisa Maza in Gargoyles.
  • All the girls from the G.I. Joe cartoon could fight just as well as their male counterparts.
    • It should be noted that the term "Action Girl" was potentially originated from the G.I. Nurse of the 1961 figure line as the Distaff Counterpart of "Action Man".
  • Jessica from Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return, as she proves by single-handedly defeating the Big Bad's pet dragon and knocking down Orrore Profondo (the second strongest of the Volcano Gormiti).
  • Gravity Falls: Mabel, Candy, and Grenda have all displayed definite Action Girl traits.
    • "Into the Bunker" proves that Wendy is most definitely one of these. Pacifica also handled herself petty well in "The Golf War" and further cements her action girl status in "Northwest Mansion Mystery".
  • Femme Fatale Viper of Jackie Chan Adventures, plus Adult Jade.
  • Jem and her band were no strangers to action...neither were their rivals, the Misfits.
  • Like father like daughter, and so we get Jessie Bannon from Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures. Played hilariously when Jonny refuses to shoot a villain, but Jessie picks up the pistol and says she hasn't got that problem.
  • Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman, Justice League. In Unlimited we gain Huntress, Black Canary, and Vixen.
  • Fiona from Kid vs. Kat. Although she prefers to channel her skills into sports, she can still hold her own when she gets in trouble.
  • Kim Possible beats up super-villains for kicks, using only her cheerleading skills. She can do anything indeed.
    • Yori and even Zita when she needed to be, making Ron ask, "Are all girls like this, or just the ones I know?"
    • Both Kim and Yori double as The Action Girlfriend.
  • The Land Before Time: Cera. You have to respect a girl who can shatter rocks with her head.
  • The title character of The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.
  • Meg from Mega Babies. This trope also applies to Nurse Lazlo.
  • Roll from the Mega Man cartoon.
  • Kiva from Megas XLR.
  • Moana of Moana, being the only daughter of a chief, is typically portrayed like this in true Disney Princess style.
  • Lay Mamery in Monster Allergy.
  • Julie Kane from Motorcity. Also Foxy, possibly Tennie. Kaia is a Dark Action Girl. Mike Chilton's sister Capri appears to be this.
  • Nefer-tina of Mummies Alive!
  • Evy and Yanit from The Mummy animated series.
  • Jenny Wakeman, a.k.a. XJ-9 from My Life as a Teenage Robot.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, All of the starring mares get their turn. Most obvious are Rainbow Dash and Applejack, while Twilight Sparkle is a Badass Bookworm, Pinkie Pie is an Earth pony who can catch up to even Rainbow Dash, Rarity should never be kept prisoner, and Fluttershy's outbursts can be... surprising.
  • All four titular heroes in Mysticons.
  • Ninjago brings us Nya, who takes down a horde of skeleton warriors on her own in one of the mini movies. She then creates a samurai alter ego and even surpasses her male teammates in fighting at some points. It took them ''forever'' to figure it out. She learns in season 6 that she possesses the elemental power of water and trains to be a ninja alongside the rest of the team.
  • Most of the major female characters on Phineas and Ferb get a chance to play Action Girl at some point or another. Recurring character Vanessa may be the best example, though Candace, Isabella and the other Fireside Girls get plenty too. Candace once wrestled an alligator for an Achievement Patch. The very fact that this was an Achievement patch for preteen girls speaks volumes about the Fireside Girls.
  • All three of The Powerpuff Girls. They fight to the degree that it's a rite of passage for kaiju to get beaten by them.
    • Ms Bellum. She is one of the most accomplished martial artists in the series, capable of going toe to toe with Sedusa.
  • All of the Jewel Riders.
  • From ReBoot, all of the main female characters were more than capable of holding their own, though AndrAIa was the only one to be consistently in the fight. Dot and Mouse were more often used for their command and technical skills.
  • Spinelli from Recess.
  • Colleen, Road Rovers.
  • Samurai Jack: The Scotsman's Wife. She singlehandedly beats an entire army of demons that both her husband and Jack - the two most badass warriors ever - had trouble fighting. She starts off the fighting by punching a Celtic demon god in the gut because said god called her fat. She's also the only person Jack has ever, without question, ran away from a fight with.
    • Likewise from the final season, Ashi after her Heel–Face Turn. Dear God, Ashi. Just watch her jawdropping battle with the Orc Army or her fight against the Dominator for a demonstration.
  • She-Ra: Princess of Power has the title character, as well as Huntara, a purple-skinned Grace Jones lookalike who has no powers except a bunch of really cool weapons, but held her own against She-Ra in a one-on-one fight. Other girls count too. The guys were usually Dudes in Distress which is understandable since the show was created as the girl's version of He-Man.
  • The tomboyish Dahlia and superpowered Lana of Skyland.


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