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11:53:05 AM Jun 1st 2012
say does anyone think that nox looks wierd like he has a gas mask on? i mean he sorta looks scary.

is it supposed to be symbolic or something?
11:55:58 AM Jun 1st 2012
11:56:53 AM Jun 1st 2012
you have to delete the ) for it to work
06:45:17 AM Feb 10th 2012
edited by joeldi
We need to have a proper discussion of what to call Tristepin. If it exists already, why isn't it here? I don't see the difference between calling Tristepin 'Sadlygrove' and calling Tomoyo Daidouji 'Madison' or Anzu Mazaki 'Tea' ( things considered heresy by the respective fandoms). There's not even a dub yet, so we can't argue that readers aren't aware of the original name. If there's a good reason for using the new name, what is it?
10:34:24 AM Feb 10th 2012
edited by StFan
I'm fine with using the French name, as long as it is changed everywhere consistently. The fact that the English names vary between fansub and official translation would be a good reason enough to avoid it. (By everywhere I mean not just the Wakfu subpages, but also the trope pages where he's mentionned.)

Other translated names (like Ombrage/Shadofang) could then be changed too, to keep coherency.
06:47:51 PM Feb 10th 2012
I'm always supportive of using official English names if they're available. Ankama themselves named him Sadlygrove, and he is referred to as such in all of the English-language periphery material. I would stick to the French names (or obvious 1:1 translations, like the Justice Knight) in cases where we aren't given an official translation, but where the English names exist we have no reason not to use them. It has yet to cause anyone any confusion, so I'm not sure why this is an issue.
10:41:20 PM Feb 10th 2012
Official or not, it's still a quirk of localisation, and I think it's better to focus on the original material.
02:14:52 PM Feb 11th 2012
This is an English-language article, therefore any official English translations should take precedence over the French. "Sadlygrove" and "Tristepin" have almost identical meanings, so nothing is lost by continuing to refer to him by his English name. There's nothing wrong with localization, and certainly not when it's the creators of the original who are doing the localizing.

Don't get me wrong, I personally prefer the French names, but logically they only belong in the article as footnotes. But no one has reported having any problems with any characters' names in the past, so fighting for purism (especially when you're using the word "heresy" and comparing it to purism in other fandoms) is straying far too close to Fan Dumb for comfort. "Don't fix what ain't broke", as they say.
12:32:46 AM Feb 12th 2012
I would say there is something wrong with localisation done by creators when they arbitrarily change the name of one character (and none of the others) to make a pun that doesn't have much to do with his character (Attempting to fix what wasn't broke). I will concede for now, because my arguments are mostly non-quantifiable (Tristepin is a much cooler name), but I'd really like to see a few more opinions on this.
11:57:24 AM Jan 23rd 2014
As I type this, there's a Kickstarter to dub the series into English, and the video at the top of the page has him introduce himself as "Sir Percidol", and Eva calls him "Percy". I think that's going to be the official English name, regardless of what previous attempts have called him.
05:11:44 AM Nov 13th 2014
Both seasons of the English dub are out, and the character is consistently referred to as "Ser Percidal of Sadlygrove", with the nickname "Dally". I suggest that all instances of "Sadlygrove" be changed to "Percidal", in the English dub this is inarguably his name and it doesn't make any sense to refer to him as "Sadlygrove".
08:43:52 AM Jan 28th 2012
edited by StFan
The article split into 8 tropes pages may look like a bit much. Sure, the list of tropes was getting long, but maybe putting them in folders would have been enough.
05:46:27 PM Jan 28th 2012
I was going to agree with you, but even after the split some of those trope pages are really full (A-C, D-F, and S-U). Personally I would have cut it to 5 pages or 6, but I can't say that the move wasn't needed.
04:55:49 PM Dec 20th 2011
I'm confused on why Nox getting "deprived" of Igole is under Moral Event Horizon, but in truth I don't know what to call it myself. It's almost like a one-sided Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment.
03:51:08 AM Mar 27th 2012
Yeah, I'm not too sure either... I know Igole was his last link to his past life, but that doesn't make it a 'Moral Event Horizon'.
09:03:15 AM May 26th 2011
Just a quick one that's bothering me: should we use "Sadidas" as a plural, or just keep the unchanged "Sadida"?

The French forum usually use "Sadidas", but then the final S is silent in French.

Your 2 cents?
06:26:29 AM Feb 10th 2012
Leave the s in. French language purists can still choose not to pronounce the 'S', English language purists can be happy we using the correct spelling.
06:25:30 PM Apr 26th 2011
Should we have a seperate section for tropes that apply to the MMO? There's a few tropes listed for it but they're scattered among the rest of the content, I think there could be some use in a section for just the MMO.
09:04:51 AM May 26th 2011
edited by StFan
There are already separate sections at the bottom of the article for the special episodes and Spin-offs. By MMO, do you mean The Guardians? Then it already has a section there.
03:02:56 PM Oct 31st 2011
The real MMO. The one that was made in 2007 and what every subsequent piece of media is based on.
03:22:28 AM Nov 21st 2011
The game (also entitled simply Wakfu) has been given an official release date of February 2012, and is getting a giant marketing push in the US by no less than Square-Enix, so needing to separate the show's tropes from the game's tropes is becoming more urgent.

.... to be fair, it's been given "official" release dates plenty of times before, and none of them have stuck, but I have to imagine Square-Enix is breathing down their necks this time.
10:46:34 AM Mar 2nd 2011
What should we do with all of the episode references? Now that season 2 has started, simply referring to "episode x" won't be specific enough. We could simply precede every episode reference with the season it belongs to, or we could replace episode numbers with episode titles. Or we could resort to some kind of shorthand, or just continue counting up from 26.

Ask The Tropers suggested "season x episode y", but I figured I'd ask here too before changing the whole page.
03:18:45 PM Mar 5th 2011
That would be a lot of changes, and a bit clunky in the end...

I'd rather suggest keeping first season episodes with the actual format, leaving "first season episode unless otherwise noted" unsaid. Season 2 episodes should be specified as such... I wouldn't be against counting up from 26, either, but it would have to be strictly enforced.
03:49:17 AM Mar 27th 2012
edited by DocAcher
Use the format 'S 2 E 6' (eg. season 2, episode 6) perhaps?
09:13:06 PM Feb 8th 2011
Anyone got some links to some english sub deliciousness? Cause I think it'd love this series but I can't find anything in english...
12:50:35 AM Feb 9th 2011
Well, you can find plenty episodes subbed on Youtube, and most downloadable episodes (like, from Rapidshare or Megaupload) have subtitles. However, I think it would be against the local policy of the site to give direct links to copyrighted material.

A dubbed English version is starting to come out too. At least I've seen the first episode on Youtube.
01:12:00 PM Feb 9th 2011
Googling "wakfu english sub" comes up with many relevant results, try them first.

In response to the above, the "English dub" that has been circulating was a dummy-dub used to time the lipsynching animations. The official English dubbed version of the show is not in production; it hasn't even been licensed yet.
03:48:25 AM Mar 27th 2012
Google: "The Brotherhood of the Tofu". :)

(I know this is probably irrelevant to the question poster by now, but I'm posting anyway for the benefit of anyone else looking.)

11:16:11 AM Sep 4th 2010
I have some trouble categorizing Kriss Krass' actions during the Gobbowl match. At first I thought about a case of Dick Dastardly Stops to Cheat, but it doesn't fit exactly; Kriss cheated, but to advantage the other team as it wasn't making good enough spectacle. And cheating wasn't directly his downfall, as it's perfectly accepted in Gobbowl. But anyway, it's quite obvious Ruel's team would never have won without the help of Kriss' ego.
04:56:18 PM Sep 5th 2010
Are you talking about Kriss leaving the field to add suspense to the game or his "cough four times" cheat code? In either case I'd say that Kriss invoked Nice Job Fixing It, Villain, but for the first one I'd say that he made his team Willfully Weak via a Defensive Feint Trap.

I don't think that we have any tropes that describe exactly Kriss' actions in the Gobbowl game. Those are the closest I can come up with.
12:58:40 AM Sep 6th 2010
Yes, I was talking about the whole thing, but essentially that Kriss helped the good guys win more than anything else. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain would fit the closest, methinks. The part about cheating is a bit separate, and the heroes pretty much did the same by bribing Jay.
12:37:47 PM Jun 20th 2010
A little question: I have noticed that one mention of "Nox" has a Pot Hole toward Meaningful Name. I don't get in what Nox's name could be meaningful...
01:33:21 PM Jun 20th 2010
The only meaning I can find for Nox is that it's Latin for "night", so I don't think that Meaningful Name really applies. Googling Noximilien yields only the bonus episode, so his full name shouldn't have any particular meaning either.

On the subject, I doubt that they were intentional, but Yugo is Japanese for bravery, and Evangeline is an epic poem by Longfellow in which the eponymous character's lover dies in her arms.
02:06:13 AM Jun 7th 2010
I humbly request some advices about where to position Prince Armand in the love triangle.

I'm not sure whether he fits better as Romantic False Lead, Romantic Runner-Up, Hopeless Suitor or even Stalker with a Crush.

Your opinions?
05:31:18 AM Jun 7th 2010
Hopeless Suitor.

Eva thinks he's an egotistical dick with pig's breath and outright says the less she sees him the better. By the time he's actually introduced he's the "A" in a Type 4 Love Triangle with Eva as "B" and Grovy as "C".

A Romantic False Lead and Romantic Runner-Up both imply that the two were in a relationship at some point, which is not the case. Stalker with a Crush is a bit less clear. He was obviously very willing to badly maul Grovy, but I don't think he really knew about Grovy and Eva until toward the end of the fight in episode 19. And after that his main motive for hurting Grovy was the insult about his breath. A Stalker with a Crush requires morally questionable actions that are a part of the stalker's attempt to get with the person they are stalking. Armand did some nasty things, but they were mostly independent of his crush on Eva.
01:34:35 AM Jun 8th 2010
Yes, though the description of Hopeless Suitor implies more a suitor that is ignored rather than disliked, its examples indeed reach further than that.

Though Sadlygrove's reaction toward Armand involved jealousy, something more expected toward a Romantic False Lead. Then again, he's dumb and probably didn't realize Armand was no competition to begin with.
11:06:21 AM Jun 6th 2010
Hot-Blooded Idiot Hero finally gets a Relationship Upgrade with resident Zettai Ryouiki wearing Tsundere. Has Heroic Sacrifice, and brief Hope Spot that hurts like a mother. Am I talking about the Wakfu Season Finale, or Episode 8 of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?

By the way, I'm crying tears of pure GAR at the moment.
12:15:08 AM Jun 7th 2010
edited by mediocrates
You forgot to mention Ruel and his GIGA DRILL.

To be honest, I think I knew that this was how it was going to end around Episode 22. That was probably the point at which it became the most obvious that he was the series' Kamina, and from that point on there was really only one way it could have ended.

But yeah, Manly Tears, man. Even Rubilax was sad.
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