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Eh, I'm terrible at this. Help to unsuckify this page would be appreciated. - Copper Alloy

ill try writing a better summary when i get up - nekroskoma

Does anyone have any idea when the English series is coming out? I watched a few episodes, and I'm really impressed...but I don't speak a word of French and I'd like to know what they're actually saying. (oh, and by the way, I added Dofus to the list of works that need a summary) - Stij

I'm trying to keep this entry up to date with new episodes. I put numbers on episodes until an official english translation will give us the titles. Stij: I don't know if episodes will be aired en english, I'll check on the forums if I were you. - Talden

I'm wondering: should we reference this series under the Anime subtitle, or the Western Animation? I've always done the latter, since it's French after all, but still, it's really animesque too... Anyway, I'll try to copy the references in all the Tropes we've put so far here. That's a good way to spread the Wakfu-mania even furter. ;) - Talden