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08:21:49 PM Jul 18th 2013
If some of you thought that this show was similar to Hey Arnold! like I did, well, Dan Povenmire did work on that show a full decade or so before he co-created this one.
10:05:30 PM May 17th 2013
I question whether anyone in this show can really be classified as a Hypercompetent Sidekick. While there are those who take sidekicky roles, and they are indeed very competent, so are their corresponding main characters. Take for example Phineas (he has both Ferb and Isabella listed as these to him on their character pages).

I thought it was supposed to be for situations where the whole thing would fall apart if the sidekick wasn't there (like Shego -> Drakken in Kim Possible). In all of the examples for this show, that is simply not the case.
02:32:35 PM Apr 9th 2013
Awhile ago, I noticed that Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet, and Buford all seem to be in some way based off of Phineas, with Ferb having all the intelligence and creativity but not the ambition, Isabella having all the creativity and ambition but not the intelligence, Baljeet having all the intelligence and ambition but not the creativity, and Buford serving as Phineas's polar opposite.

Is there a trope to put this under, or do I stick it in the Fridge?
07:47:05 AM Apr 10th 2013
02:40:29 AM Jul 29th 2012
I had to hack through the Radar page with a heated machete because it was such a mess. You may contest specific items either here or on the Forums; I've got a thread for this specific page in the Special Efforts subforum and I'll be happy to talk it out with you here, there or by PM (although I prefer to do so where other tropers can see and have input.)

Before you contest something's removal, however, ask the following questions:

  • Is this something that would even run afoul of censorship guidelines?
  • Is there any possible way the censors could have missed this or misunderstood its intent?
  • Am I just gushing about how hot I think Vanessa is?
07:59:07 PM Jul 11th 2012
I think this show should get a Lampshadeing award.
11:34:12 PM Jul 28th 2012
Agree. Its humor is all lampshading or subverting tropes.
08:55:36 PM Jun 21st 2012
Where's the Nightmare Fuel page.
05:01:10 AM Jun 22nd 2012
As far as I can tell, there never has been one. There is an entry for it on the YMMV tab.
06:58:17 AM Jul 10th 2012
There actually was one (see the page history); I've edited it myself. It was cutlisted during the site-wide purging of Nightmare Fuel pages. But given that Nightmare Fuel pages have been restored for quite a few works, perhaps it could be reinstated.
03:33:04 PM Apr 28th 2012
Two times in the series, as long as I know, was showd what would happen if they were caught, and one of those times it had dramatic conseguences. I think the second one was made for those people who where sympatethic with Candece. Good thing that in both cases there was a reset button