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02:24:47 PM Jul 15th 2015
edited by revert
08:21:49 PM Jul 18th 2013
If some of you thought that this show was similar to Hey Arnold! like I did, well, Dan Povenmire did work on that show a full decade or so before he co-created this one.
10:05:30 PM May 17th 2013
I question whether anyone in this show can really be classified as a Hypercompetent Sidekick. While there are those who take sidekicky roles, and they are indeed very competent, so are their corresponding main characters. Take for example Phineas (he has both Ferb and Isabella listed as these to him on their character pages).

I thought it was supposed to be for situations where the whole thing would fall apart if the sidekick wasn't there (like Shego -> Drakken in Kim Possible). In all of the examples for this show, that is simply not the case.
02:32:35 PM Apr 9th 2013
Awhile ago, I noticed that Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet, and Buford all seem to be in some way based off of Phineas, with Ferb having all the intelligence and creativity but not the ambition, Isabella having all the creativity and ambition but not the intelligence, Baljeet having all the intelligence and ambition but not the creativity, and Buford serving as Phineas's polar opposite.

Is there a trope to put this under, or do I stick it in the Fridge?
07:47:05 AM Apr 10th 2013
02:40:29 AM Jul 29th 2012
I had to hack through the Radar page with a heated machete because it was such a mess. You may contest specific items either here or on the Forums; I've got a thread for this specific page in the Special Efforts subforum and I'll be happy to talk it out with you here, there or by PM (although I prefer to do so where other tropers can see and have input.)

Before you contest something's removal, however, ask the following questions:

  • Is this something that would even run afoul of censorship guidelines?
  • Is there any possible way the censors could have missed this or misunderstood its intent?
  • Am I just gushing about how hot I think Vanessa is?
07:59:07 PM Jul 11th 2012
I think this show should get a Lampshadeing award.
11:34:12 PM Jul 28th 2012
Agree. Its humor is all lampshading or subverting tropes.
08:55:36 PM Jun 21st 2012
Where's the Nightmare Fuel page.
05:01:10 AM Jun 22nd 2012
As far as I can tell, there never has been one. There is an entry for it on the YMMV tab.
06:58:17 AM Jul 10th 2012
There actually was one (see the page history); I've edited it myself. It was cutlisted during the site-wide purging of Nightmare Fuel pages. But given that Nightmare Fuel pages have been restored for quite a few works, perhaps it could be reinstated.
03:33:04 PM Apr 28th 2012
Two times in the series, as long as I know, was showd what would happen if they were caught, and one of those times it had dramatic conseguences. I think the second one was made for those people who where sympatethic with Candece. Good thing that in both cases there was a reset button
10:36:37 AM Oct 8th 2011
What's the trope for getting lost in a maze of flashbacks, such as Balloony's introduction?
07:03:16 PM Aug 10th 2011
I don't know about you, but a lot of what's shown on the show is actually fesable in real life. Case in point, The Song Mix And Mingle Machine. And here's how:

The Verses

Now, we all know how each line of the verses are all sung by different people. Here's how to get that chatroulette-like effect. First, you get five cameras (I'll call ours Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3, Camera 4, and Camera C ('C' for Candace)). Next, you designate a certain number of people for each camera. Then you put them in order from right to left that the camera would film them in. In the case of this number, it would be rounded out like so:

(Names go from right to left.)

  • Camera 1: Guy in Red Shirt, Raker, Rat raser, Pharoh, Dull Guy, Big Lady, and Igor.
  • Camera 2: Guy in Orange Hat, Maracas Guy, Toothless Girl, Small man, Tom and Mom, and Sprocket Man.
  • Camera 3: Teenage restaraunt employee, Guy who takes off pants, Dancer, Roosterphobic guy, Bald Guy, and Man with Pockets of Mystery.
  • Camera 4: Twins, Arrow shooter, Socks-less guy, and Tom, Heath, Sphen, and Rex.
  • Camera C: Candace at all times.

Here's how you film the whole shebang. When filming begins, Camera 1 will be on the Guy in Red Shirt, Camera 2 will be on the Guy in Orange Hat, Camera 3 will be on the Teenage restaraunt employee, Camera 4 will be on the Twins, and Camera C will, of course, be on Candace. Camera C is immobile. Camera's 1-4 are not. They'll be on tracks paralell to the singers. Once the director says 'Action', the lyrics will be said in order, but here's where the trick comes in. As soon as the Guy in Red Shirt is done, and the Guy in Orange Hat says his line, Camera 1 will move from the Guy in Red Shirt to the Raker. As soon as the Guy in Orange Hat is done, Camera 2 will move to the Maracas Guy. Camera 3 will move to Guy who takes off pants after the Teenage restaraunt employee, and so on. This will continue until Igor's done at which point, the director will yell 'Cut' and the lyrics will have been filmed.

The segues between people will be used by carefully editing the footage from the waiting cameras in a way that looks like quick movement.

And as for the rooster, since he talks, he'll be animated seperately, either with stop motion animation or CGI.


This part's easier to understand. 49 people are used to sing the chorus. Each person will be recorded seperately and the whole thing will be edited together in post-production, their lines having already be prerecorded. Phineas and Ferb will likewise be recorded on the set and against a greenscreen depending on where ever they happen to be at that moment.

Well, what do you think?

02:38:54 PM Jul 28th 2011
Does Accidental Nightmare Fuel have enough examples for it's own page?
06:00:34 AM Jul 18th 2011
Why was the Shout-Out entry about Don't Even Blink readded? It's not like that Doctor Who episode coined the word "Blink". It just happened to have that word in it.
05:24:49 PM Jul 25th 2011
Both of the Doctor Who shout outs seems kind of iffy to me.
02:37:53 PM Jul 28th 2011
Agreed, and The Powerpuff Girls one, too.
01:55:23 AM Jun 25th 2015
I wouldn't count that, however, I would count the "bigger on the inside" moment from Marvel Mission!
10:25:02 AM Jul 15th 2011
Does Buford ever speak in the third person? I've been noticing that a lot of fanfic writers make him a Third-Person Person, or worse, lapse into Hulk Speak, but does he ever do that on the show?
02:14:24 PM Jul 21st 2011
In the episode where he loses his gold fish he says "Buford loves Biff". And I'm pretty sure he does it at another point, but I can't remember it.
04:59:14 PM Jul 25th 2011
It's usually "Buford loves [whatever snack Linda is offering at the time]." And the Biff example as well.
03:16:50 PM Jul 9th 2011
Bringing this up may be really pathetic but I kind of have a problem with this from the top of the Headscratcher's page:

There's a hundred and five eps of Phineas and Ferb before they play the season ender. And the weekly-ish problem for all of the fanbase is finding Fridge Logic and bother.

Does the bother part even make sense? It doesn't seem to rythme very well either.
06:56:00 PM May 6th 2011
Removed this from the main page:

Statler: Waldorf! I know what we're going to do today!
Waldorf: What's that?
Statler: Change the channel!
Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

I removed it because I don't think it adds to the page at all. I don't think it's a big deal in removing it, but I just put this here just in case someone REALLY feels the need to keep it, and explain how it adds to the main page other than "it's a meme"!
08:51:39 PM May 2nd 2011
edited by Arctimon
I will be going through the entire P&F page over the next few nights to clean up a lot of the tropes and moving the YMMV from the character page. I will do this as thoroughly and quickly as I can, and I do apologize in advance if you try to edit something and see that the page is checked out by me. I'll try to do it at night so less traffic will be coming through.
10:01:39 PM May 2nd 2011
edited by Arctimon
UPDATE: I've finished moving all of the YMMV from the character page to the YMMV tab.

As a side note, if anyone want to add an example to either Ensemble Darkhorse or The Woobie, please, please, please think twice about it. I tried condensing everything that was already on the YMMV page and the character page and had to cut some of it in the process. Those two are too long as it is; I sincerely think we have enough there.
04:51:22 AM Apr 17th 2011
Uhh where's the music page?
02:43:02 PM Apr 18th 2011

If you're referring to the fact that there's no button for it up top, I don't think Awesome Music ever had one.
12:34:32 AM Aug 6th 2011
It should
04:00:41 PM Mar 4th 2011
It's been like this for a while, but I'm just getting around to putting it here. All of the Crowning Moment tabs and the new YMMV tab are not showing up when loading the main page. I don't think that they were ptitles when they all got nuked. Do they show up to anyone else, or is it just me?
11:48:11 AM Mar 15th 2011
I noticed that too. Can somebody who knows how please fix it?
01:19:11 PM Mar 19th 2011
edited by Arctimon
I would if I knew how. All of the Crowning Moments and YMMV links are working; for whatever reason they're just not showing.

May have to make/post in the Trope Repair to get it fixed.

Or maybe in Ask the Tropers if I don't figure it out.
03:46:21 PM Feb 19th 2011
What happened to the main article's original picture? The one that was taken from the show's actual title sequence? It looked much better than the current one.
09:40:56 PM Feb 22nd 2011
I wasn't aware that there was ever a different photo for the main page.

It must've changed a looong time ago.
02:08:49 PM Jan 22nd 2011
Am I the only one who finds it a little strange that the upcoming "Rollercoaster: The Musical!" is the only episode officially labeled a Musical Episode. Even after "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together" and "Wizard of Odd". Not that it's not going to be awesome, but still.
05:13:20 AM Jan 23rd 2011
So add the examples, don't just discuss it
12:55:54 PM Jan 23rd 2011
We're just saying it's kind of weird. I mean EVERY episode has a song and this is the only one with the official The Musical label. But I found the whole thing on YouTube. I counted nine, maybe ten, songs. That's a new record.
09:10:55 PM Jan 23rd 2011
It's the episode that the characters themselves are calling a musical. It just seems to me that they're properly lampshading it this time.
02:09:32 PM Sep 9th 2010
I was just watching P&F on Disney XD (in England, if it matters) and the intro theme seemed slower than usual (like, slowed down). Does anyone know if this is just me or a real thing?
09:11:27 AM Oct 14th 2010
I've noticed that the theme can get faster, slower, and sometimes a higher octave. You're not imagining it.
08:37:24 PM Dec 7th 2010
Probably has to do with the differences between NTSC and PAL.
03:42:40 PM Dec 13th 2010
I doubt it, since I've only seen one of them
07:06:51 AM Sep 6th 2010
Can someone explain to me how the upcoming movie should warrant an entirely new trope entry on here? We've had at least two other movies before, and unless this one will be in theaters, I don't see how it's anything special.
08:23:54 AM Sep 6th 2010
What other movies? The only other thing I can think of that comes close is the hour long "Summer Belongs To You", but that was more of a special than a movie. This new movie will actually be a full-length movie and will be advertised as a movie the same as all the other Disney Channel Original Movies.
06:33:20 PM Aug 15th 2010
edited by takashi.0
"Apparently the show will also be parodied in Seltzer And Freiburg's new movie, Vampires Suck."

03:00:24 PM Aug 19th 2010
I had the misfortune of seeing the film (having not known who the directors were until after I saw it), and rest assured if the film parodied Phineas and Ferb, it was damn near impossible for me to see it. Either it didn't happen, or the jab was so subtle that it was lost in the sea of bad, obvious jokes.
01:32:13 PM Jun 29th 2010
Could we please stop with the Fan Wank about Ferb/Gretchen? I understand that it's a popular pairing, but immense detail about why they're shipped doesn't seem necessary. As well, the edit war that has just begun is only going to get worse.
01:59:57 PM Jun 29th 2010
Yes, please. I'd like to suggest a protocol here: if it's purely objective, it's good, but cut any justification and/or criticism of the ship.

'Many fans ship Ferb/Gretchen' can stay, 'Ferb/Gretchen would probably make a good couple because of such-and-such-reason' would be cut. If a reader can't discern the editor's opinion, it's probably good.

If worst comes to worst, we may cut mentions of non-canon ships altogether.
04:14:38 PM Jun 29th 2010
That is exactly what I thought. Like, I would do it if it was any other non-canon ship, but no other pairing has been unobjectively described.
02:12:47 PM Apr 22nd 2010
Is it just me, or does the title read "Phineasand Ferb" and not "Phineas And Ferb"?
10:37:35 AM Jul 15th 2011
If you capitalize the "and" it will show up normally.
03:44:41 PM Mar 5th 2010
Maybe I just don't understand, but is the entry for Tuckerisation trying to Meaningful Name a real person? And do so by calling him gay? Please explain if it's not, otherwise I'm nuking it.
01:30:31 PM Jun 29th 2010
Well, it's Meaningful Name by way of Tuckerization, as the character is named after writer Bobby Gaylor. The "Gay" in his last name possibly being the part that led to the character's last name of Fabulous, because "fabulous" tends to mean "gay".

The fact that Bobbi is spelled with an i just further accentuates that.
01:55:28 PM Jun 29th 2010
Understood. At the time of the comment, however, the entry did pothole Gaylor's name with Meaningful Name. It's since been fixed. Sorry for any confusion.
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