Tropers: Shrikesnest

I'm a freelance writer (read: unemployed) living in Minnesota (northern United States) with my fiance. I love music (mostly progressive rock, but I dabble in all sorts of genres,) philosophy and theology. My hobbies include video games of various sorts, as well as Dungeons & Dragons; I DM for a group whenever the opportunity presents itself. I struggle with Bipolar Disorder Type I.

I love to contribute to the wiki, particularly through YKTTW, as well as the Video Games and Commercials tropes. Analyzing marketing is one of my most favorite diversions, and it's a pity that we don't have a more extensive section on advertisement. I used to be somewhat active on the forums, but as is usually the case with internet communities, I eventually found that I just didn't quite fit in. Since tropers are a pretty eclectic bunch, it can only be assumed that it's my problem.

This wiki has changed a lot since I started contributing here, some for the better, some for the worse. I really miss the light, informal tone we used to have when there was no pressure and the community was smaller, and we could have something like So Bad Its Horrible or I Am Not Making This Up without the cleanup becoming insurmountable. I understand why things had to change, and that there are plenty of other places to go to find snarky negativity on the internet, but I'll still miss it.

A list of tropes that I wrote the description for, for better or worse:

And the following works/creator pages: