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09:31:21 AM Jul 9th 2014
I'm working on the Primal section in the Character page, and I'm kind of stumped. Which sounds more fitting? Flowery Elizabethan English or Antiquated Linguistics? I have a hard time telling the two apart for the Primals' speech pattern.
01:00:53 AM Jul 10th 2014
You'll need to provide more details there. Otherwise, we can't really tell.
05:18:36 AM Nov 24th 2014
The main difference seems to be that those who speak in Antiquated Linguistics don't know proper spelling. It might help to look at the text.
08:35:57 PM Apr 4th 2014
The Atma quests....holy shit what was Square thinking? Making the FAT Es related to it totally random and having the item drops from it ALSO be RNG? Talk about a massive roadblock. Not only that, there's people who actually defends this stuff! How can anyone justify using RNG in a quest line?
04:14:29 PM Jan 10th 2014
Do you think we should split the page into Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 and A Realm Reborn? As it stands, the tropes on the existing page are all jumbled together in a heap, and there's little indication of which version of the game they belong to.
04:42:24 PM Jan 10th 2014
I think that could work out, with some fine tuning of course.
10:16:08 AM Jan 4th 2014
The recent edit about Lip Lock doesn't quite seem accurate to me. I played through the game with Japanese audio, and later replayed those cutscenes in English, and the Japanese lines are often shorter than the English localization's version. It's less flowery and more direct in Japanese, and the lips still don't match up, but it seems more that the Japanese voice actors just ignored the flapping entirely while the English voice actors attempted to sync to them. Thoughts?
04:05:08 PM Jan 4th 2014
I can't say for certain, but I noticed that the English lip flapping still has some cases of the mouths still going a second after the speaker has finished talking.
12:34:05 AM Jan 5th 2014
I'll give it another listen sometime soon, but it might be worth rewording it as less of a localization problem and more an animation team thing.
05:19:44 PM Dec 23rd 2013
Anyone else not liking the "punishment" system the game has for people that quit in the middle of a quest? I frequently get idiotic parties or people who just have no clue, so naturally I want to leave to find a better party. Being the first to quit now puts you in a 30 minute timeout so you can't use the duty finder till the timer expires.

It's bad enough I have to grind like hell for certain things, but the punishment system just adds to it.
02:34:17 AM Dec 24th 2013
You are bound to meet people who don't know the dungeon you are doing every once in a while. If they are asking for the strat' of the bosses and if you don't explain it to them, you're the one at fault here. If you do but they don't listen to you, then obviously they're the ones at fault. If you are using the Duty Roulette, you have no choice but to accept that, sometimes, you will stumble on some bad players. Otherwise, create your own party with people you know, problem solved.

Now, is the punishment system injust or disproportionate? Maybe. You still have the option to vote-kick a member who is afk or rude, but even that feature can be abused in the bad way (there were some cases in the Crystal Tower where one member got kicked just so an other could get the item which just dropped).

The real question is: do we have a new thing to list under the Scrappy Mechanic trope?
08:38:58 AM Dec 24th 2013
The issue is whether or not you use the roulette system, if you're not picked as a party leader, you can't vote people out sadly. Me or someone else tend to explain on what to do, but most of the time no one listens. It's just super annoying since it stalls my ability to grind for mythology tomes and this punishment system even follows you into pre made parties; I had quit a group that weren't pulling their weight and were blaming my friend and I for the failures. Because I quit first, my friend couldn't take me to another duty because of said punishment.

And I am not sure if it's totally scrappy mechanic because people would just suggest to "play with friends only".
06:05:53 PM Nov 7th 2014
I'm pretty sure its existence keeps a lot of trolling down. i.e. tanks that join parties, pull everything then leave, or people leaving cause they got the one drop they cared about. These things obviously still happen but they would happen more if there were no penalty. As for bad parties, it adds incentive to try diplomacy first. Eating the 30-min timeout tends to be a mater of "this sucks enough that's I'd rather take the penalty than spend another minute in here."
04:41:00 PM Nov 11th 2012
Well now the Dalamud has fallen and the servers are down, I think the page could use a bit of updating. I for one would like to put forward the creation of a Tearjerker page for the ending cutscene.
10:09:28 PM Jan 9th 2012
Who put FF 14 on the Final Fantasy page?
02:08:44 PM Jan 13th 2012
I'm not seeing what the issue is, here. Care to explain?
01:47:59 AM Jan 16th 2012
Never mind. It's gone now. Also, I put up a character sheet on FF 14.
04:18:27 AM Dec 30th 2011
As far as what trope the Path is...I'm not sure. They're obviously not an Ancient Conspiracy, nor are they a Brotherhood of Funny Hats since they are fairly serious. They're not quite a secret society because they're at least somewhat known. They have to be something, but they might slip between the cracks of the different related tropes.
04:56:10 PM Dec 30th 2011
edited by ChibiKibou
Perhaps it would be best just to use Hidden Elf Village or one of the other nearish tropes, and then qualify it as best possible?

... Or make a new trope >.> God knows what it'd be though..
06:21:29 AM Dec 27th 2011
Just realised there's absolutely no mention of the Echo anywhere o.o Fixed that.
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