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Tropers: Anura
Well, time to put something up here.

Court Magician to Emperor deathpigeon.

Formerly King of the MSPA Thread, was dethroned by Enlong.

Basic Info

  • Name: My first name is Jack. I don't mind saying this because there are hundreds of us; I have personally met three other people with the name and I don't even go out much. I try to keep my middle name off forms if I can at all help it. My last name is relatively distinctive, but in this case I'm proud to bear the mark of my wonderful family.
  • Sex/Gender: Cisgendered male, though I'm quite close to Agender.
  • Age: I'm 22. Remind me of this at your peril.
  • Nationality: British (specifically English), and proudly so.
  • Hobbies: Videogames is my main one. I'm pretty much into every genre except sports and driving, although RPG's are my favourite. Don't bother asking for games against me, I'm a dedicated solo player. Others include reading, the animes, a certain popular webcomic (and a few of those other ones), and most recently forum R Ps right here.
  • Alignment(s): There are loads of systems within fiction for doing stuff like this. I'll just pick a few out.


Pretty much just how I see myself at the time of writing; this could be out-of-date as you read it. It's also almost certainly incomplete; if you have suggestions, drop them on my wall.

Active RPs

  • Chronicles of the Gods series:
    • A Game of Gods: Infinities (As Garland and Elizabeth)
    • A Game of Gods: Taskforce Sifuri (As Shantotto)
    • Eclipse of the Gods (As Alduin)
    • Divine Singularity (As Plus and Nemy)
  • At Intervals: Massively Multi-Fandom RPG Season 3.5 (as Fuuka Yamagishi)

All former Vandalism has been moved to my Troper Wall; if you want to add something else, you'll have to do it there, since we can't edit each other's pages anymore... *grumble*

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