Tropers: Anura

Probably about time I overhauled this a bit.

Basic Info

  • Name: Jack
  • Sex/Gender: Demigender male.
  • DoB: 15th of May, 1991 (I'm 23)
  • Nationality: British (specifically, English)
  • Alignment: There are plenty of systems within fiction for doing stuff like this. I'll just pick a few well-known ones:

Tropes launched

  • Dispel Magic: I actually kinda adopted this one after it's original author vanished.

Notable stuff I like


Pretty much just how I see myself at the time of writing; this could be out-of-date as you read it. It's also almost certainly incomplete; if you have suggestions, drop them on my wall.

Active RPs

  • Chronicles of the Gods series:
  • At Intervals: Massively Multi-Fandom RPG Season 3.5 (as Fuuka Yamagishi)

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