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05:02:08 AM Dec 13th 2015
Is it just me or could there be a potential justification for this?

That is: given women tend on average to possess less physical strength than men, it would be preferable for a female warrior to rely more upon ranged weapons that allow you to kill an opponent without risking ending up in a close-quarters situation where the disparities in strength (assuming the opponent is male) would prove a disadvantage for her?
05:57:27 PM Aug 15th 2014
Is the current page quote really a good choice?

It complains that Atalanta used a bow in the movie, even though it also acknowledges that Atalanta was an archer in mythology. In fact, she fights in melee a heck of a lot in the movie as well. Autolycus with his knife-throwing probably does less melee than she does. And everyone in the party, including Hercules, picks up a bow at least once.

Yes, there is only one woman. And yes, her main weapon is a bow. But complaining that Atalanta has a bow is probably not the best complaint against this trope.
12:35:14 AM Aug 16th 2014
Yes. Plus, complaining about a trope is bad - will mention here.
02:52:47 PM Sep 24th 2012
Why does it seem like people are just dumping examples into the Video Game section, especially for Final Fantasy VI, and then occasionally justifying it with "Gender Flipped". Should this be cleaned up a little?
08:09:07 PM Jun 27th 2014
They're probably doing that because the main page for this trope seems to treat it with "Ugh," and people are bothered by that. Girls can still be awesome as The Gunslinger or a Gun Nut, and really, who cares if she's using long-range? It's the silly idea that girls kicking ass and taking names but not being the Bloodier and Gorier melee combatants their male counterparts are is totes sexist and icky. Yes, it needs cleaning up.
02:04:33 AM Jun 28th 2014
Personally, I think the description is good enough, but you may enlist commentary here anyhow.
03:05:35 PM Aug 3rd 2012
Does Brave qualify? I've only seen the advertising posters, which seem to suggest it (with the heroine with a bow and her apparent father with a big-ass sword).
05:13:26 AM Jan 3rd 2013
Sort of. Merida prefers shooting while the various guys present all seem to prefer smashing. However, Merida is also capable of fencing with her father, while at least some of the guys are shown to be archery-proficient to some degree.
08:23:25 AM Aug 10th 2011
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If one girl in my story fights long-range, but the other close range, and out of the three remaining boys, one is melee, one is a Fragile Speedster, and one is a Combat Pragmatist, is it a particular play on this trope? —

EDIT: Yes, it would be an aversion.
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