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Tropers: The Lyniezian
A.K.A. Richard, Rick, Ricky, Spotted Dick, Spaceman, Linoleum, or what you will.

Is a late twentysomething, evangelical Christian (albeit not always a good example thereof), guy from the North-East of England with a crazy imagination on the side. Has also participated in H2G2,, Counter-Factual.Net and also has his own poorly-updated blog.

The name comes from an imaginary land he created as a boy, described elsewhere on this site. This place is not an Egopolis, but rather the username is a reference to the fact he sometimes feels like a foreigner in his own country.

Unpublished Works he has posted on this site include:

  • Consequences (a collaborative story game played with his family, containing some crazy elements he doesn't exactly morally endorse, but there you go...)
  • Lyniezia (the fictitious and somewhat idiosyncratic country he takes his username from)
  • The Machandra Chronicles (concerning a distant alien world populated by humans who arrived accidentally via wormholes)
  • The Genesis Of Jenny Everywhere (an attempted origin story for the open-source heroine- or at least, one of he incarnations).

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