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06:50:53 PM Jul 10th 2017
If the Gideon from Gravity Falls example is enough to classify it as this trope, then wouldn't Mabel Pines, Stanley Pines, and Soos count? Stanley Pines has married a distinctively male animatronic miner and has made comments on the attractiveness of the characters from Sev'ral Times (A tweet by Alex Hirsch also implies a little bit more, but I don't think that counts.) Soos is in a canon relationship with Melody but has also had more than a few moments with Stan. Mabel is a little bit harder to justify, but she's been shown to be pretty comfortable wearing pride colors in an episode about relationships.
06:27:10 AM Jul 11th 2017
Good lord, no. I know this trope is a mess and should be in YMMV, but even if it were, Mabel "I Literally Only Care About Boys" Pines is not Ambiguously Bi because she wore colors once. And Soos' relationship with Stan is very explicit. He's desperately latching onto him as a father-figure. Hell even Gideon seems like a stretch, unless it's actually saying the 12-year-old was having sex with men in prison which is waaaaaaaaaaaay darker than I think the show ever intended.
02:23:17 PM Jul 11th 2017
Well, I mean fair enough for Soos and Mabel, but what about Stan, even if it is played for laughs? Actually, now that I think if it, both The Love God and Wendy's father also have their moments.
08:24:41 PM Jul 20th 2016
If a character's Ambiguously Bi is based on them supposedly being attracted to two characters, one of whom is male and the other is female, but I think that the troper who listed it there was wrong about one or the other... I don't think it means the character can't be bi, so I don't want to remove it, but at the same time, there's nothing between the character that's listed there. (Mostly opposite-sex close friends). So... I'm not saying they're definitely 100% same sex, I'm saying there's just nothing between them and that character. I hate to remove examples because of that, but...
02:22:01 AM Apr 4th 2015
It seems to have been mildly discussed but I think it is actually a very good idea to make it a YMMV trope, since it is "ambiguously" gay or bi characters it's by it's nature very subjective and open to interpretation. And it seems like whenever a character is labeled as Ambiguously Bi/Gay on their respective work's main or character trope list it's often flagged because there's not canonical evidience that the character is attracted to the same gender, even if it is, again, specifically those who are only "ambiguously" gay/bi not characters who are definitely-in-the-closet or Bi the Way.

So I guess long point short it definitely should be a YMMV trope (I originally thought it was), it's too much controversy and hassle as a main trope.
03:02:51 AM Apr 4th 2015
While I would agree, I am not sure if the forum would agree.
07:53:17 AM Aug 21st 2015
I just think it should just be made less subjective, so that it only examples that are very clearly intentional. I think if the trope was made YMMV, people would just add examples of intentionally ambiguous characters to the Bi the Way page, which should remain for characters that are pretty much confirmed as bi.
08:18:59 PM Mar 24th 2015
edited by Eaterman1995
The Tom & Jerry and Megamind examples seem like they should probably be removed. They're both stretching it.
12:57:42 AM Mar 25th 2015
Even if they are, ban evasion is not acceptable behaviour.
06:50:17 AM Jan 15th 2015
I personally think Sam and Dean Winchester, Megamind and Yu Narukami should all be removed, this page isn't supposed to be for discussing characters that yaoi fangirls ship with guys, and the first three fall pretty strongly into that category especially Dean since his actor confirmed he's straight. There's a case to be made for Yu, but I always saw his semi-flirtatious behavior with the guys as his idea of a joke.
08:18:34 AM Jan 15th 2015
Yeah. Sam and Dean have plenty of Ho Yay, but they've only actually shown attraction to women. They've shown love towards men, but it's pretty clearly and explicitly brotherly love.

As for Yu... given he's a bit of Cloud Cuckoolander and Troll (especially in The Golden Animation), it's not a great examples.

Honestly, this page is so full of stretches I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to make it YMMV.
06:11:02 PM May 20th 2013
No offense but a lot of these examples seem very Shipping Goggles-y.
11:20:34 PM Mar 3rd 2013
Some of these are a bit of a stretch. I mean, Harry Potter? Doncha think maybe we could tone down the shipping goggles just a smidge?
01:27:20 AM Mar 4th 2013
Yeeeah, he doesn't fit. Pulling fangirl shipping paragraph that digs at and reinterprets everything:

  • Harry Potter:Harry Potter himself. While he's shown to have a crush on Cho and later fall in love with Ginny, he also had plenty of Stupid Sexy Flanders moments when Bill Weasley is around, when watching Tom Riddle in the Pensieve, and another moment with Cedric Diggory who Harry describes as handsome... and he can't refer to Sirius's teenage self without dropping the word "handsome". In Half-Blood Prince there's also his strange preoccupation with Draco and his massive boycrush on the eponymous Prince.

I'll also post in the fora to ask if someone can do more thorough cleaning.
06:19:16 AM Mar 4th 2013
Haha, yeh no. That needs to be pulled.

Any other ship-y examples?
01:56:37 AM Mar 18th 2012

Because isn't the entire point of everything after the word "Note" in the trope description specifically intended to keep people from posting examples that are just characters fandom wants to be bi or gay when nothing in the original work suggests they actually are?
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