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If you're gonna stretch to Web Original, That Guy with the Glasses should be in, mainly because of his rivalry with the nerd, but also because it would be a cool 3-mode figher. Also Power Creep, Power Seep allows you to put anyone in a Mascot Fighter and get them to be somewhat balanced... In Jump Ultimate Stars (for example) Vegetto (the guy who can easily defeat the other guy who can destroy the fabric of time and space, or something of the sort) is just mid-tier... If they can get away with that, you could surely include other TOOTS Characters.

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If we're going to stretch to Web Original, than I say we should add Sailor Nothing into the mix. (Which incidentally, I'm literally in the middle of reading as I'm typing this)

Now this is making me want to play that Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi fan-made game again!
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Regarding the concept of a Web Original fighting game, I propose the inclusion of Gunnerkrigg Court's Sir James Eglamore (dragon slayer), Katemodern's Charlie (troubled heroine and wannabe ninja). Both sword users, but that never stopped Super Smash Bros..

Also, there needs to be a Lolcat as a joke character.

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I'm pretty sure that's already been done. Sort of, anyway.

Wahh, it took me some time to cure all the patients but I managed to do it! grin

Regarding the Web Original fighting game, how about a character from Irregular Webcomic!? It'd be awesome to wrangle your opponents with Steve! (Though how could anyone stand a chance against Dr. McNinja...?)
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If we do a webcomic fighter it has to have Schlock, Shadehawk, Tesla,Brandon (Joke Character), T-Rex (well, maybe as a fight commentator), Agatha, Pizza Girl and Eglamore.

There has to be more, but that's just the tip of the iceberg, and just from my bookmarks.
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Also, there needs to be a Lolcat as a joke character.

Special Attack: Nom nom nom
Longcat Should be the final boss because he is... well, long. And final bosses in fighting games are big.
I say we stick to main characters only, and Ensemble Darkhorses are allowed only if accompained by the true main character from whatever the hell they come from.

...only because the game would need a Mighty Glacier and Roy would be great. And because I would like to see Antimony Carver beating the crap out of anyone at all. Just because she's is the polar opposite of a fighting character in her webcomic, it doesn't mean she can't fight here. Or just have Kat do the fighting and have Antimony cameo into her winning pose.

Edit: T-Rex would be the final boss. He'd also be up to scale. An actual moveset would be irrelevant then.

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So the final boss arena is a log cabin with a car outside?
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Ooo, another one for this thing: Grace
Antimony as a fighter isn't too terribly far-fetched, as she has demonstrated some Judo skills (she made short work of Winsbury and Zimmy) and she did pretty well as an Action Girl in Dr Disaster's simulation. Here's an idea: Annie and Kat as Bash Sisters la the Ice Climbers from Super Smash Bros.. Annie would handle all the close-quarters fighting (with an emphasis on grappling and Deadly Dodging), while Kat would handle all the distance attacks with some kind of homemade laser gun. Both would wear either the Spacemonaut uniforms, or the trenchcoats from ch 19.

Also Phobia, The One Electronic, Red, and Cutter Edgewise (and/or Mr. Jinx), would be a perfect fit.
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I know who the final boss will be.

You see, all of these webcomic characters gain their power from their fans- the love they recieve from them allows them to exist. In a Highlander-like manner, a character who kills another will absorb their fanbase (although Non-Lethal K.O. is in full effect here). However, the comix don't know this.

But you know who does? The Final Boss, David Gonterman. This egotistical little man has gained great dark powers from the years spent bathing in Hatedom, and has gathered all of the comix together to steal their essence, making him the most popular man on the Internet. When the PC catches him in the act, he explains his plan, and attempts to eliminate the player by transforming into an anthropomorphic robo-fox. With his defeat, the world of Webcomics is once again safe from the plans of madmen. For now, anyways...
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No characters from Girl Genius yet? For shame! Agatha, obviously, but I'd also like to see Gil and Zeetha.

Not sure who could go im from the Walkyverse. Possibly Robin, maybe Walky or Ethan. The Cheese would make a good final boss, though. He's big, powerful, and ominous.
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No characters from Girl Genius yet? For shame! Agatha, obviously, but I'd also like to see Gil and Zeetha.

Agatha was mentioned. Although I do like the ideas of Gil & Zeetha being in there.
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Oh, another Joke Character:

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So, let's see what we've got so far:


I think Kid Radd also ought to be included, and perhaps Richard from Looking for Group.

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Richard would work well.

...Perhaps too well.

A boss then? He's really too powerful to be a normal character.


On a slightly different yet related note, who from 8-Bit Theater would suit? I'm thinking Fighter.

EDIT: Oh, and the Black Hat Guy as a Lethal Joke Character.

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144 Fawriel16th Mar 2009 05:16:15 AM from the bottom of my heart , Relationship Status: If it's you, it's okay
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Black Hat Guy is a boss.

... can the main character of my as-of-yet unexistant webcomic join in? He already has a moveset. D=

(Note: That post I linked to is old and the drawings are horrible.)

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Richard would be an SNK Boss. T-Rex would be so hopelessy broken he'd be both a Lethal Joke Character and an SNK Boss.

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Also, I must make more emphasis on Roy's role here. I don't watch a lot of webcomics, but out of those I recognize, only he sounds like he'd be a good Mighty Glacier.

Edit: ...maybe Red and Sailor Nothing too.

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I'd like to see Misho from Keychain of Creation somewhere. He'd be another good fit for the Mighty Glacier role, since he favors Resistance and apparently specializes in melee combat, and he's already done a lot of things which would make good super moves.
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Well, the Web Originals thing beat me to the punch, but I personally think a fighting game based on Homestar Runner would be quite good. Think about it. Homestar could be the fragile speedster, Strong Bad The Mario, Pom Pom as the Glass Cannon, Strong Mad the Mighty Glacier, Strong Sad the Stone Wall, etc. Also, the final boss would be Trogdor and Stinkoman would be an unlockable character.

Also, my suggestions for the Web Originals fighting game:

  • Florence from Freefall
  • Someone from Dominic Deegan (what? It's popular enough)
  • Wonderella from the Non-adventures of Wonderella

(BTW, as for Kid Radd, we've already seen him in a fighting game. Game Breaker of the highest order. )

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Two words as to why I did not pick Roy to represent Order of the Stick: Disjointed Hitbox. That BFS is about as long as his body, seriously! Meanwhile, Elan is about as popular, could use his illusions as dodges (like in the Naruto fighting games), and is not currently dead.

Also, how did I get so far without bringing in THACO from Goblins? (If the one word is not enough for a link, then the page needs an overhaulin'.)

Lastly, Crtl-Alt-Del would be represented by Tim Buckley. Yes, the author. He's practically a "character" in his own right, if you catch my drift.
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There are many ways to balance Roy even with a huge-ass hitbox on his attacks, but the point is that the game would need more large characters. Maybe we should also include villains, them being Large And Incharge and all. Sailor Nothing I imagine being slow but having powerful ranged attacks (and an even more powerfull melee combo as a Limit Break) and Red has an axe... which are slow and heavy and... well, as you can see, listing red as a Mighty Glacier is pushing it. Maybe Agatha from Girl Genius if she used machines to fight.

On a completely unrelated note, I see Dr Mc Ninja as a Glass Cannon.

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