Tropers / Scrounge

Scrounge is a roaming web surfer who ocassionally dabbles in wiki-ing. He has no real gift for technology. He was at one point a competent fanfic writer, though that skill may since have atrophied. He talks about himself in third person sometimes, and doesn't really keep track of what he's done.

Has recently started adding flavored messages at the bottom of pages in the hopes that it'll catch on and cleverer people will take the ball and run with it. For a while, the idea looked like it'd float like a lead baloon filled with swamp water and then frozen, but eventually it turned out that other people had fun with it too.

Also, darnpenguin was here and bored with a spray can. Robot buddy is now vandalized.

And here is another vandalization~! Signed, IchigoNeko.

This troper should play Advance wars eternal war. it's fun.

Unfortunately, the most recent handheld system he has is a Game Boy. The old one with the green screen.

Another fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic?!? Well, I'm surprised! Wonder if I'll get to learn more of ye! NES

I has a flavor text.